Pontianak Travel Guide (2/2) : 34 Must Eat food in Pontianak

Welcome to Pontianak! If you haven read my part 1 of Pontianak Travel Guide, please do so and you are good to be showered with all these delicious food pictures. 1 week in Pontianak is a very tummy friendly one, from early morning breakfast food to all day long snacks. I believed with my foodie buddy Eko bringing me around, I’ve basically covered almost all the must eat food in Pontianak! SO, Lets go! 

DSC00835The iconic bamboo weapon used in Pontianak in the olden days. 

  1. Nasi Campur / Nasi Ayam

DSC00833Nasi Campur or Nasi Ayam is a mixed rice with assorted meats. It look very normal but the taste is surprisingly very different than what we have in Malaysia. Unlike the sauce we had in Malaysia which is very watery and salty. This one is very flavourful and thick, its like there are some spices infused it in, salty with a mild sweetness in the sauce. The rice is very fragrant, all the meats are seasoned with their special sauce and what i can say is, they are very addictive. The famous one will be Nasi Ayam Afu

2. Kwecap

DSC00843 DSC00849_pKwecap is basically rice rolls served with garlic bits accompanied with a bowl of hearty mixed pork offal soup. I love the rice rolls because its  very tender and the crispy garlic bits just added more flavour to it. Soup is clear and ridiculously delicious. How to eat it? I love to eat my meat with sweet soy sauce and lime. Yums!

3. Traditional Coffee & Kue Bingka

DSC00850 DSC00851The coffee in this particular cafe Aming is ultra famous and its packed with humans! You might need to share table for this cup of hand pulled house brewed coffee but for me, its overly sweet the milk had already covered the aroma of the coffee. But i heard its always this sweet to suit the local’s taste. How sweet it is? Its like a sweet glass of coffee, half coffee half condensed milk and I am serious I cant even finish 1/3 of the coffee. However, the kue bingka (the yellow custard tart) is very delicious. Pastry is flaky and the custard is smooth and sweet. Definitely one of my favourite dessert.

4. Es Krim Angi


Es Krim Angi is the famous one in Pontianak. Its basically scoops of different flavours ice creams served in a coconut shell topped with various of condiments like jack fruits, beans, jelly and anything that you can think of. 

5. Che Hun Tiao & Bongko

DSC00860 DSC00861Che hun tiao is the transparent jelly alike thing which is normally served in their local dessert. The green colour thing is called bongko and it is by far my favourite dessert because it is not overly sweet. Its like a very dense jelly with a mochi texture. Love it!!

DSC00862And the service.. You can just order and eat in your car. #superb

6. Bubur Ikan

DSC00894 DSC00900Fish Porridge, one of the thing i swear I will come back for more! The fish is so fresh you can see the clear line between the meat and the skin with a layer of gelatin in between. Its not really for someone who love plain and light porridge, this porridge is very very powerful in flavour. Thick and heavy just the way i like it.

7. Avocado Juice

DSC00925I bet everyone love Avocado juice! The difference between this and the normal avocado juice is that my buddy ask the boss to add in fresh chunks of avocado. So after you slurp, you have to open the cover and eat the fruits. Yums!

8. Nasi Kari

DSC00929Nasi kari means curry rice, the curry served here is more to the coconut base, curry is not too thick and heavy it is drinkable. Every each of the rice is soaked in the curry soup. I especially like how they served it with the coconut milk curry with the young coconut shoots. We had this awesome goodness at Nasi Kari Achai

9. Bakmi Kepiting

DSC01058 unnamedBakmi Kepiting is a crab meat noodles. Similar to dry noodles, its served with a giant crab pincir! 

10. Gulai Kambing

DSC00935 DSC00937OH MY GOAT!! One of my favourite favourite thing on earth! — MUTTON — its a must try! I duno how to describe this because every bite is happiness! The lamb is literally fall off the bone type, stewed in the gravy until its heavily infused with the flavour. The gravy is not too spicy, more towards like spicy and sweet. Best thing on earth to eat with rice!

11. Char KweTiaw

DSC00943The charcoal fried kwe tiaw is very impressive. You know when  you fried your food using charcoal, they have this smoky aroma attached to it, yes that’s what I am talking about. You can see locals queueing up for this. Noms!

12. Bakso

DSC00945 DSC01011Bakso is generally a very common delicacies served in Indonesia. Here, we have the flat meatballs and the ordinary rounds one. It is said that the flat one is a better bakso because they use very fine meat to make it whereas for the round ones, they mixed all the different meats together. However, I love the round ones more because its more al dente for me and I like to rough texture from meatballs like there are still skin fat or tendons in it. MUAHAHHA

13. Teh Botol

DSC00947Taste just like the normal teh with sugar syrup. Not too bad but nothing to shout about

14. Sup Kambing

DSC00950OH MY OH MY! Another overwhelming dish for me. Its mixed lamb sup with all the lamb offal and different parts of meat stewed in a pot of hearty milky tangy soup. 

DSC00953You should eat with sweet soy sauce and a lime squeeze to it, eko said. And he is always right. Pack with flavours. If you are not a lamb person or are afraid of the heavy lamb taste, the milky and tangy soup actually help to cut through the overpowering lamb soup making you craving for more. 

15. Sate Kambing


16. Martabak Manis Cripsy (Polos Keju)

DSC00958 DSC00961Something similar to our crispy peanut pancakes, you can choose what fillings you want. We order the cheese one and we never regret about it. You can taste a lot of butter, peanuts and cheese. Soooo good sooo fattening. 

17. Cita Rasa Kuih Muih

DSC00966The kuih all look very similar but the taste varies a lot. I started to prefer Pontianak kuih more because their flavours is more distinguished. For example the shredded coconut rolls, the filling is packed with coconut flavour and palm sugar, you can also taste the coconut aroma on the outer layer. Egg tart, instead of just the custard with sugar, you can actually taste the richness of the eggs, the sweetness of the custard and the buttery flaky crust with it. SO GOOD SO FATTENING again!

18. Balinese Food & Green Sands

DSC00970 DSC00973I somewhat missed balinese food and here, food is prepared by  authentic Balinese couples. They also have this Green sands non alcohol beer. Yums!

19. Pondok Kakap Kepiting Asap

DSC00982 DSC00983 DSC00990 Kepiting means Crab. Asap means Smoke. SMOKED CRAB IT IS!! Crab stuffed with their specialty spices and bring too smoked. You need some skill to smoke the crab so that it could lock in all the juicy essence of the crab in this humongous crab. YES.. HUMONGOUS!!! 

IMG-20170114-WA0072Its as big as a palm of a fully grown man!! SATISFIED!

20. Ikan Semah

DSC00991Ikan semah is a very delicate fish. I like my fish steamed, it is the simplest way to eat fresh fish i would say!

21. Ayam Bakar

DSC00999Nothing too shout about but its nice!

22. Sup Buntut


23. Bola Keladi Goreng

DSC01013These are fried yam balls. Very dense that one piece will make you happy and full.

24. He Tiau

DSC01023He Tiau is fried prawn batter. Not my favourite. Its a little bit bland. 

25. Ko Kue

DSC01029Ko Kue is like rice batter or yam batter served with salty prawns or meats and fried garlic served with their soy sauce. 

26. Chai Kwe

DSC01032Their cai kwe is similar to what we have in Malaysia, a thin layer of rice flour stuffed with different fillings like yam, chives, tofu, yam bean. Steamed and topped with fried minced garlic. 

27. Rujak Mangga

DSC01033Preserved young mango served with spicy sauce

28. Lontong Sayur

DSC01038Now this is so unhealthy yet one very addictive food, lontong sayur. Lontong sayur is a dish where compressed rice cakes, all kinds of vegetables, tofu, egg, meat are mixed together served in a coconut milk tossed with sambal and some local spices. You know everything shimmered in coconut milk is magic.

29. Otak Otak

DSC01047Now the otak otak is something different that what we have in Malaysia. Similar as a fish paste, the batter is different. In Malaysia, our Otak otak is more like mushy and soft, in Pontianak, their otak otak is firm and al dente. I love both otak otak, different taste different texture but equally unique and delicious. It is served with a peanut sauce. I can easily finish 5 myself.  

30. Empek empek

DSC01048Empek empek is a savoury fish cake delicacy which is deep fried and then served with a citrus tangy sauce.

31. Jus Alpukat + Alpokat Kerok

DSC01054Fruits smoothies and fermented rice wine. Very interesting one but I would go back and have more. 

32. Kwe Kia Theng

DSC01098 DSC01099Kwe Kia Theng is the least preferable among all the dish i have sampled. Not that its not good, its exactly the same as our Kueh Chap in Malaysia. Pork offal and rice sheets served in dark broth. Not my favourite.

33. Lidah Buaya

DSC00933Aloe vera!! Look at the generous cubes of aloe vera! My top 2 fav drinks after Jeruk Nipis. Jeruk nipis is their local wild lime.

34. Tau Suan

DSC01055Tau suan is a sweet and sticky local mung bean dessert.



Pontianak Travel Guide (1/2) : Things you should know about Pontianak | Where to stay in Pontianak? | Places to visit in Pontianak

I just came back from a 1 week work trip in Pontianak and thanks to buddy Eko, I get to know more about Pontianak. From there I would like to share with all of you about the little tips i got from my local friends! 


Things you should know about Pontianak :

1. Knowing a lil bit of Indonesia Language helps a lot
The Indonesia language is somehow similar to our Bahasa Malaysia but its different as well. But if you know how to speak bahasa malaysia, it will helps. Do try to learn and adapt to Bahasa Indonesian when you are in Pontianak because it really will make your  life easier. Basic words to share:

Cerowok = Man
Cerewek = Lady
Cerowok Gantang = Handsome Man
Waysay = Toilet
Kama = Room
Moto = Motorcyle
Mobil = Car
Enak = Yummy
Lucu = Cute
Kalian = You
Marga = Surname

Okay.. suddenly cant think of any liao. Hahahahahahha! 

2. It is best to visit if  you have local friends around

Typically, there are a lot of shops selling similar items but if you have locals to bring you around, you will be able to try all the good stuff. And to avoid double standard in pricing too. It is hard to explore Pontianak without a car or transport. So.. yea.

3. Motorcycles are everywhere and they are the KING of the road

It is very easy to own a motorcycle in Pontianak that’s why they are everywhere. They can drive wherever they want to even in an apposite direction or an illegal U-turn. You have to anticipate they next move no mater you are in the right lane or whatsoever. If accident happens, whether you are right, you are still wrong. They are the King.. and don’t even think about calling a traffic officer for help.

4. Road are very narrow

Road are generally very narrow even in the highway or the overhead bridge. Its just enough for a car to go up and another car to go down. No room for others

5. There’s no law in driving

You can drive however you want just need to be careful of the bikes. No seat belt is needed but please do put on your seat belt for your own sake.

6. Air is very polluted

It is very hazy all the way. 

7. It is not safe to go out at night

Whether you are a male of a female. Its not safe to go out at night unless you have a local friend to bring you around.

8. Pontianak is always very hot as it is located at the Equator

9. Beverages is ultra sweet

TOO SWEEET! Do not order less sugar. You can just make it.. without sugar. 

10. There is only one shopping mall in Pontianak

Ayani Mall is the only megamall in Pontianak. Cinemas, exhibition and all the sales will be in Ayani Mall.

11. Girls generally do not smoke and drink in the public

If female smoke in the public, people will look at  you like you are a monster

12. There’s some restricted are which is not advisable to go

13. Do not put your valuable items on the table while eating

Like I said, its not safe. Keep your phone in your bag or pocket to lower the risk of being snatch.

14. You need to pay an amount of 2000 to 5000 rupiah to an usher no matter where you park

Even if you park at the roadside, if someone help you to ascot the car, you have to pay.

15. Most of the Indonesian are generally friendly


Where to stay in Pontianak?

If  you want to stay near the Ayani Mall, stay at Mercure Hotel like I did.


DSC01062If you want to stay along the street food, stay at either Harris Hotel, Hotel Gajah Muda or Aston Hotel Pontianak


Where to visit in Pontianak?

1. Paradis-Q Water Park Pontianak

It is the largest water themed park in Pontianak. Not only it is the largest, they have the latest water-themed games and facilities. They are planning for future development of villas at the same area too. Please stay tune.

DSC00879DSC00864 DSC00866 DSC00869 DSC00875DSC00865The waves pool!! I wanna try this so badly

DSC00872The racing path! Something I am  dying to try 🙂

2. The Equator Monument / Tugu Khatulistiwa 

The monument makes the division between the northern and southern hemispheres. So you can basically step your foot one side on the northern hemisphere and one side on the southern hemisphere. 
IMG-20170117-WA0020p IMG-20170117-WA0027_meitu_p


3. A boat ride at the waterfront

Take a cruise at the waterfront sailing along the Kapuas river, the longest river in Indonesia and the world longest island rivers

DSC00904 DSC00907 DSC00912 DSC00913 DSC00922


4. King’s Crab Restaurant

Not the best food but the environment is a plus point. 

DSC01063 DSC01064 DSC01065 DSC01084 DSC01086 IMG-20170118-WA0082_p

After all these basic info, you are ready for the MUST EAT FOOD IN PONTIANAK! 



Sydney Travel Guide Day 3 : Darling Harbour, Lavender Bay, Hurricane’s Grill, Queen Victoria Building, George Street, Koko Black

Its Shopping Day! There’s always one particular day with less photos taken, that’s when we had our shopping spree. Today, we are going to explore the CBD area; from Darling Harbour to George Street to QV Building and all the areas nearby. Oh! What’s first?


20160730_070824_resizedWe start our day with homemade breakfast then exploring a little bit of our neighbourhood the Lavender Bay and Milsons Point. There’s a art gallery which Lao Mao is kinda interested so we drop by to have a look.

20160730_110607_mh1469848849660Feeling very artistic hor


After like a 5 mins tour at the art gallery.. we left for Darling Harbour!!! 

dsc00196 dsc00200 dsc00204 dsc00212 dsc00233Need not to subscribe how beautiful it is; let the picture do all the talking

20160730_115120_resized 20160730_115412_resized_p 20160730_115502_resized_p 20160730_115535_mr1469852044269 20160730_120014_resized gomeihuatemp_mh1469921940007 gomeihuatemp_mh1469922038082We spend quite sometime running and playing along the Darling Harbour bridge before we reach the other side of the bridge where the infamous Hurricane’s Grill is located!


So overall excited!

dsc00215 dsc00217We waited around 20 mins for our table and we are ready to feast!

dsc00225We had Garlic Mushroom as our appetiser and it totally blown our mind. It is so flavourful you can taste the strong aroma of fried garlic infused in the mushroom. Yums!

dsc00220The star dish of Hurricane’s Grill — The pork rib! We ordered half rack to share and it is more than enough. the portion is sooooo big i think it can cater for 5 person! 

20160730_124808_mr1469886850641Look at my gigantic pork ribs!! I mean fall of the bone pork rib! The pork rib is very juicy and tender, it is charred nicely on the outer layer but when you take a bite on it, it literally just fall off the bone with zero effort. Oh my oh my.

dsc00221 dsc00226 dsc00230We ordered another combination of steak & ribs just merely because we wanted to try all of the pork, beef and lamb! Steak is cooked medium rare and its served perfectly, marination is spot on but what caught my attention more is the lamb ribs! As a lamb person, I cant wait to dig in to the lamb rib. Personally I love the lamb rib more than the pork rib. A lot of people don’t take lamb but if you try the lamb ribs in Hurricane’s Grill, I’m sure you will fall in love with it. Soft and gelatinous lamb ribs devour with a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce, what is better than this? I LOVE YOU LAMB.

20160730_124501_resizedOur sharing portion and we brought back half of them as our dinner. HAHAHAHA!

We went explore George Street after our satisfying lunch! 

dsc00236 gomeihuatemp_mh1469864338754 gomeihuatemp_mh1469886397448 People on the street are all very lovely. We being trying to snap a few wefie and some nice and random pedestrian just came for a hug and a picture.

dsc00239Nice! I love the combination of the traditional architectural buildings with a slightly modern one in one area.

fb_img_1483618486861-horzHello from us!

dsc00237 dsc00257 dsc00264 dsc00269 dsc00275 dsc00281fb_img_1483618513212We then visited the famous Queen Victoria Building. Everything is quite pricey in QV Building but its definitely worth a visit there. 

dsc00287We wanted to try Adrianno Zumbo dessert but guess we were too late! By the time we were ready for the dessert they are closing already. Its ok we will hunt the other branch the next day!

We opt for Koko Black since we haven filled up our dessert quota. They are famous for their handmade premium chocolate. 

dsc00246 dsc00247 dsc00249Hmmmm.. honestly if you asked me what have we ordered, I have no idea at all. 

dsc00250-tileBasically we just point at whichever that caught our eyes. Turn out yums too!

20160730_190607_resized_p 20160730_190654_resized dsc00292

We went back to Darling Harbour wanted to see the fireworks at 8.00pm but unfortunately there’s no firework on that month. However, the beautiful night scenery compensate our heart 🙂

20160730_160239_resized dsc00284 dsc00285 dsc00288 dsc00289End today’s blog with the beautiful scenery at the CBD area! *love*

20160730_204337_resizedOH YA! Our dinner.. Left over Hurricane’s Grill and sauteed veges!

20160730_211024_resizedand Supper >.<


Visit Day 1 : http://yienyien.com/travel/sydney-travel-guide-day-1-lavender-bay-paddys-market-pho-pasteur-el-loco-mr-crackles/
Visit Day 2 : http://yienyien.com/travel/sydneytravelguideday2/





Sydney Travel Guide Day 2 : Sydney Fish Market, Circular Quay, The Rocks Market, Bar Luca

Day 2 in Sydney and it will be the iconic Sydney Fish Market Day! We woke up kind of early that particular day, had simple breakfast as we always do every morning because the ingredients is just simply fresh not to cook for your own!

gomeihuatemp_mh1469745658802#OOTD We somehow bought the cute hair tie at Singapore planning to wear it together today but… errr…. Not really suit me and lao mao so we took it off right after we had our OOTD pic.

Sydney Fish Market is the world’s largest fish market that sits on the Blackwattle Bay foreshore in Pyrmont, 2km west of the Sydney CBD. There are divided into a few sections, the fishing port, wholesale fishes, seafood retail market and some eateries. Just go to the eateries is good enough.

How to go: Go to the Central Station and catch a Sydney Light rail straight to Sydney Fish market

dsc00119 dsc00121 dsc00122Whether you like markets or not you will definitely love Sydney Fish Market, it is clean and magnificent; I bet you drool on the way till the end. These are a few sections of the seafood eateries;

dsc00123 dsc00124 dsc00125 dsc00126 dsc00127Our first stop will be the Fish Market Café. You can never miss this café because it’s right at the entrance; they have varieties of seafood grilled and BBQ. Choose whatever you like or you can opt for the platter.

20160729_072842_mr1469754678855 dsc00128 dsc00131We had the sharing platter so we can sample a little bit of each. FYI, portion of the French fries is incredibly big!

After the heavily grilled and fried food, let’s go for something raw and fresh! THIS!

dsc00132 dsc00133 dsc00134 dsc00135 dsc00136 dsc00137All kinds of seafood that can be served raw, we had sea urchin and scampi shrimp.

dsc00140-horzOh-so-sweet you scampi shrimp!!

20160729_075502_mr1469750426769Do you like my scampi shrimp earrings? They are crystal jelly bright orangey!

Next up is everyone’s favourite, CHEESEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dsc00149 dsc00151#yesweboughtquitealot

We finished off the Sydney Fish Market trip with a beautiful view of the eating section outside which is now too cold to enjoy and their meat section at the other side of the market.

dsc00153 dsc00158 dsc0015920160729_084747_mh1469754788419Just want to show you these awesome freshly made sausages!!!

We proceed to Circular Quay station from Central Station to stop by The Rocks Market.  It is a weekend market so be sure to visit only on Fridays Saturdays and Sundays.

20160729_103056_mr1469806815698_resized dsc00164-tiledsc00166 dsc00168_pWe passed by the stroll at Circular Quay and this is the place where you came for the Harbour Bridge sighting and Sydney Opera House. For sure we will be coming again but as for today, we will give our priority to the weekend market. 

This is The Rocks Weekend Market.

dsc00169dsc00170 dsc00171 dsc00173We bought some nuts from the Turkish vendor and he gave us his hometown speciality snacks! We thought it would be overly sweet but it was surprisingly yummy! Baklava, it will be one of our top favourite desserts from now on.

We then try out the famous German sausage.

dsc0017820160729_110310_mr1469806645629_resizedA simple sausage bun with a squeeze of mustard and chili is enough to fulfill our taste bud. That will be our best sausages throughout the whole Sydney trip.

The market wasn’t as big as we expected. We finish touring and exploring the market in less than half an hour so we decided to grab a drink at the nearby café while waiting for dinner time to meet up with our high school friend, Ben.

20160729_111345_mr1469762381030 dsc00180We had cheese macaroni balls and it was very mediocre.

20160729_114446_mh1469806908835_resizedBut the waiter is simply so sweet. Hahaha!

DINNER TIME!! We have been eating the whole day. Ben suggested a place called Bar Luca. It was along the Philip St nearby Museum of Sydney in walking distance from Circular Quay.

dsc00190 dsc00193Walking on street of Sydney is never depressing. Just by looking at the beautiful architectural building, mesmerizing! — Sydney Town Hall

dsc00182We had this scrumptious horse cut sweet potato wedges and it just blow our mind! Now when you asked three of us what we miss the most in Sydney: SWEET POTATO FRIES

dsc00186The lamb riblets is a bomb too, served with tomato, chili, garlic and lemon. Not too zesty but a touch of lemon does help us to wash down oiliness of the lamb. Don’t get me wrong, lamb is just as impressive. The riblets are grilled to perfection with a slightly charred layer but juicy inside. I can even chao down the whole plate of lamb by myself.

dsc00181-horzClassic Beef Burger and Bar Luca Beef Burger, I think all the burgers are the star.

dsc00188Ben wants more. He had the set of Chicken Karaage Burger with Fried Chicken! OK next time I know what to order! And, get the Stone and Wood Draught beer! MUST

20160729_200516_mr1469806996758_resized dsc00191We end up fabulous night with dessert! Guylian Belgian Chocolate Café.

20160729_200121_mr1469806568969_resizedThanks Ben Ben for the time! Great catch up with lotsa laughters!




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