HongKong Must Eat Roasted Goose : Yat Lok 一乐烧鹅 VS Yung Kee 镛记

One of the must eat in Hong Kong. Roasted Goose!! There’s plenty of roasted goose in Hong Kong, ranging from the famous restaurant, the Michelin starred restaurant, the local’s favourite, the random street ones.. I’ve tried a lot of roasted goose but came to the point to ignore almost 80% of it because some of the hawkers one are just edible. 

It came down to the two reputable roasted goose restaurant. Yat Lok Roasted Goose and Yung Kee. So which one do you prefer?


DSC00128Yung Kee, known as a very famous roasted goose restaurant for tourist. To be honest, I think its more towards like a status restaurant more than anything else. The restaurant is beautiful and grand.. food is extremely expensive too.

DSC01257We were served at the 2nd floor of the restaurant. It was like 4.30pm but we still need to take our  numbers and wait for our table.

DSC01258It was just less than 5 mins before we got our table.

DSC01260Yung Kee Menu. They do have a lot of choices, from roasted meat to seafood to vegs.

DSC01262However, the must ordered and also one of the best seller — Century Eggs!! The century eggs is absolutely delicious and the yolk is still runny. Its like onsen century egg! Eaten with the well marinated pink ginger, I guess that’s the best appetizer I’ve had! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

DSC01267Next will be the signature roasted goose. It was not bad but not overwhelming. How should i describe it, its juicy and tender YES but lack of the “wow” factor. I would only say its delicious. That’s all. 

DSC01271We ordered the roasted two combi. “Kwai Fei” chicken and Char siew. Kwai Fei chicken is surprisingly good. The marination is spot on and chicken is silky smooth. I like it!

DSC01272Char siew on the other hand, its good but not the best i’ve had.

DSC01265We ordered stir fried brinjal to share as well. Its ok. Everything is ok but the price is just too overwhelming. I would say its overpriced! Ranging from HKD 1000 – HKD 1500 for a basic meal. My rating 7/10


I guess next time I will just order the century eggs. its the best among all. haha!



DSC00356Yat Lok Roasted Goose was featured in the Michelin Guide 2011. It was known for the good quality of roasted goose and of coz, price is much more cheaper than Yung Kee. Like it or not, there’s no beautiful decorations, exterior and interior just look like a normal char chan teng and indeed it is! 


DSC00337 DSC00339Menu on the wall. Its just that simple. 

But what makes you fall in love is the food served. To be honest. I prefer Yat Lok 10 times more than Yung Kee! Lets see!

DSC00351None stop roasted goose coming out from the kitchen. 

DSC00349You will be amazed how short the duration is for a goose to stay on the rak. hahahaha!! 

DSC00345We ordered the signature roasted goose of coz. Look at the shinny silky layer of the skin. it was roasted to perfection. Crispy yet not so oily. The meat on the other hand is very flavourful, its easy to bite it even for the elderly, its just so tender. Crispy skin with juicy meat dipped in their signature plum sauce. Can you imagine that? I’m salivating now!! 

DSC00340We order the roasted two combi to try. Crackling 3 layer pork and char siew. Crackling pork is always nice.. but what is even better is the char siew. Unlike other char siew, its soft. I hate those char siew where you have to chew for very long. This one is not.

DSC00342Noodles in soup also known as 濑粉 (lai fan). Its their version of noodles. the texture is more like a big size vermicelli. I like it because its not too heavy but a lot of people prefer the rice.. Oh did I just mentioned rice? yes i love the rice more too of coz! hahaha! 

DSC00346We came out from Yat Lok with a happy smile and a satisfied tummy! It was so good and value for money. The price is easily 1/3 of Yung Kee. Its just my personal opinion I thinkk the roasted goose in Yat Lok is way better than Yung Kee! Try it for yourself. Yat Lok is definitely one of one “Must eat in Hong Kong” My rating 9/10

And Yet. Yat Lok and Yung Kee is just within 3 minutes of walking distance! Map as below!


Hong Kong Desserts : 佳佳甜品 VS 明记甜品

Tong Sui (sweet soup) 糖水 aka desserts is very popular in Hong Kong. With the high demand of tong sui cravings in Hong Kong, more and more shops have come out with more innovative and creative desserts menu. However, I’ll stick to the traditional ones. There’s two dessert shop that i visited a few times throughout my trip. “jia jia” sweet soup 佳佳甜品 and “Ming ji” sweet soup. 明记甜品

佳佳甜品 “Jia Jia” dessert

DSC00264This one is the one i’ve been searching up and down for. Too popular in the net and they have the highest rating in all the website and open rice, trip advisor and so on.

DSC00260They have been featured in the Michelin Guide 2016 and therefore, the owner of the shop increase their rental by 120% from HKD100,000 to HKD 220,000. Because of this, they decided to move to another shop which is just located few streets behind. Don’t worry if you cant find them when you are in Hong Kong, just ask around and I am sure you can find it.

DSC00263One of the best seller of the shop is the walnut sweet soup 核桃露. I love the thick grated walnut soup. Basically its like you are drinking a melted walnut. So pure, so fragrant!

DSC00262Barley bean curd sago soup with ginkgo and a hard boiled egg! Hong Kong style 薏米腐竹白果汤! I started to love adding hard boiled eggs in my dessert! You will be surprised eggs act well in sweet soup too. I specially love this dessert because its very light. Not too sweet but yet milky and soothing! 

DSC00381Almond milk. 杏仁露。Not a big fans of almond milk but this one is nice. They dont have those weird perfume taste… or maybe its served warm. I kinda like it tho. I finished the whole bowl. *feellikeoldwoman

DSC00377Sweet potato soup with ginger. 浓姜番薯糖水。Perfect for winter day. The ginger is so strong it basically just warm your body with just the first sip! 

DSC00379Another must try is the black sesame dessert 芝麻糊. They are the most popular one because they use fresh sesame seed. Like the money back guarantee those kinda dessert. Not my favourite because I just don like sesame. Hahaha!

In conclusion, I know why it is featured in the Michelin Guide 2016! Definitely something that you want to try when you are in Hong Kong. Not to worry. They open until 4am :)

明记甜品 “Ming Ji” dessert

DSC00521On the other hand, I’ve never really read any articles about this dessert shop. We stumbled upon it when we were exploring temple street. Stopped by, tried and love it! Its just a humble dessert shop with a lot a lot a lot of customer.

DSC00048 DSC00049Here’s the menu!

DSC00047Red Bean and Ginkgo soup. 红豆白果汤 Warm and hearty.

DSC00051I ordered yam and coconut milk dessert with egg 香芋西米露加蛋 ! YES my latest love. Dessert with egg.

DSC00052The dessert is a lil bit too heavy for me. But the egg? just perfect! yums!

DSC00523Honeydew sago dessert. 蜜瓜西米露。 Yea it taste like how it looks

DSC00526Water chestnut egg drop soup. 蛋花马蹄露 A lil sweet for me but still yums!

DSC00527Red bean soup with tofu fah. 红豆拼豆花 Mama’s favourite!

DSC00530Green bean soup with tofu fah and kelp. 海带绿豆沙拼豆花 Something special but it works well :)

DSC00522Something special. Tangyuan with sugar flakes! 古法糖不甩

DSC00531_pWhich one is better? I think dessert are all good in Hong Kong. Of coz, there’s a reason why Jia Jia is featured in  Michelin Guide :) Oh, they are located quite near to each other too! 

Map as Below :


Hong Kong Day 4 : Ocean Park 海洋公园, Temple Street Dai Pai Dong 庙街大排档, Hui Lau Shan 许留山

We woke up late again… wanted to go to Jumbo Floating Restaurant for dim sum breakfast but time is a bit rush, save the floating restaurant for another day then. We has our quick breakfast at Kam Wah Cafe (You can read it here) and off we go to Ocean Park!! 

HOW TO GO TO OCEAN PARK : Go to MRT Admiralty Station Exit B and use the city bus 629 and the bus will bring you to Ocean Park. 

DSC00412You can buy both your bus ticket and your ocean park ticket outside Admiralty Station Exit B.

DSC00410Easy as that. We got our bus ticket.

DSC00411And our Ocean Park Ticket! There are lots of bus so don’t worry. 

DSC00421Not long after, we reached Ocean Park! Hello Ocean Park!

DSC00414Its photo time! 

20151227_114833_p 20151227_115008_p 20151227_124755_mr1451199788748We took a lot of photos even before we got in the park… Oh did I mention its BEARS day! We bought our bears as well! Hahahaa! Bear addicts!

20151227_131945_mr1451231241458The park is huge! Study your map first so you wont miss any attractions. We started off with the Aquarium~

DSC00425 DSC00428 DSC00429_p DSC00437 DSC00440 DSC00472We love aquarium, I think we visited all the aquariums whenever we went travelling…

20151227_124631The Panda Area.. 

20151227_125646_p 20151227_125700_mr1451467124649_p 20151227_130753_pPandas are bears too right.. 

I run out of words to write.. I guess if you dont mind, let the pictures talk. Hahaha!

20151227_130158 20151227_130254 20151227_131243_mr1451231350766 20151227_131751-vertp 20151227_133813 20151227_144605 20151227_144635 20151227_144950_p DSC00446 DSC00448 DSC00450 DSC00452 DSC00454

20151227_140407Apart from that, they have extreme parks as well. All sort of games, performances, food, rides, cartoons.. eateries, basically its like an ALL-IN-ONE theme park. No doubt its a very good place for family bonding, dating couples and even friends!

20151227_133553I wanted to post this up because I can’t get it. Its a BIG FRENCH FRIES PLUSHIE!! OMG!!! I WANT!! but mama convinced me its too big to bring back… I can’t get you so at least a picture?

DSC00453Oh my bro almost persuade me to get this cute little penguin too. ALMOST. Sorry cutie pie!

DSC00456Our last stop is the sea mammals performance! 

DSC00457 DSC00461 DSC00463I like the seal.. I have no idea why I dont have the picture of it but its so cute when it growls! Dolphins! Always so elegant. The main purpose of the show is to remind us to preserve the sea. Love the sea and protect them from pollution. Love the education information they provided. Oh, everyone can even participate in the games by connecting to their wifi and you can play games with them throughout the show! How nice!

20151227_145626_001The adventures of 3 bears! We left the park at round 5pm, back to West Hotel put all our stuff and walked to Temple Street for dinner!

DSC00511What’s Hong Kong trip without Dai Pai Dong right! Dai Pai Dong is like a open concept hawker food stalls in Hong Kong. We chose the most crowded one but I guess we reached earlier, we get to order first! yay!

DSC00481 DSC00482Its called Temple Spice Crab! You will be amazed by the menu. How can they come out with so many choices of food? 

DSC00483We ordered some thai coconut, beer and oolong tea to share. I think beer is still the best for Dai Pai Dong! 

DSC00485First up is the teo chew style braised platter! So good… marination is spot on. We have pig’s ears, pig’s blood, goose intestines, red sausages, chicken wings, gizzards, sliced goose, beef tendons! So good!

DSC00487Steamed veg with fermented bean sauce! Its so much better than it looks. I think this is the only dish that all 4 of us love!

DSC00489Steamed bamboo clams with garlic. Seafood is surprisingly fresh here. 

DSC00492Satay chicken. Not too bad! 

DSC00493Salted Mantis prawn!

DSC00497_pLook at the size of the prawn! 

DSC00500Fried oyster pancakes. This is the local’s favourite.. Now, our favourite as well!

DSC00502Claypot rice! I always wanted to try the claypot rice at four seasons and the Hing’s but the queue are ridiculously long. My tummy gave up.

DSC00505I ordered the claypot rice with sausages and pork ribs. The way to eat it is : When the claypot rice is served, its plain. pour a lot of soy sauce (soy sauce is not that salty so just feel free to pooooourrrrr) and cover the lids, let it cooked for another minute or two and TADA!!

DSC00506Sad to say, this is quite disappointing… We had better ones at Mongkok!

DSC00509Le bro wanted to try the Hong Kong fried noodles. I am not a noodle person tho :)

DSC00510Dinner is very satisfying! The bill came out around HKD 800! Cheap for the amount of food we order!

DSC00512 DSC00517We then just walk around and explore the place since it was our last night at this area.. 

We were like 90% full but.. we wanna make it 150%! We went to grab something to eat at Australian Dairy Company and after that went to Hui Lau Shan for the dessert before we call it a day.

DSC00564I know its not as nice as before anymore but since its mango and durian thing. I dont mind!

DSC00565The signature fresh mango smoothies.

DSC00568And durian puff!!

DSC00569OMG duriannnn!!!! OK 150% full and bloated! Good Night!



Hong Kong Must Eat : Kam Wah Cafe 金華冰廳 (Best Polo Bun) & Australia Dairy Company 澳洲牛奶公司 (Best Scrambled Eggs)

I assumed every time you read about Hong Kong Travels and Food, you will definately came across these two. No doubt Kam Wah Cafe serves the BEST polo bun BUT ITS SO STRESS eating there!! OMG! 



How to go to Kam Wah Cafe : Take MRT to Prince Edward and exit B2. Cross over to the right side of the street, walk straight and turn left to Bute Street


DSC00407Kam Wah Cafe. Not too big but not too small as well. But beware, a lot of people might not get used to the very rude manner they have for you. However, don’t be upset, they are just busy and short tempered and rude I guess. 

DSC00401 DSC00405But surprisingly or lucky for me, this is the only restaurant which I encountered very rude service. Other than this one, happy to say all the waitress or owners are very kind and polite. Don’t get me wrong, i still enjoy the food there. Just a reminder for readers from very friendly countries. And we feel so stressed while eating because firstly, you cannot ask if your food is ready or you cannot ask for recommendation. Secondly, you have no time to think because they will scold you if you took too long to see the menu. Thirdly, if they talk to you, please be alert and answer, don’t get scolded. Also, please eat fast because the feeling its like if you don’t finish the food fast enough they will eat  you. In conclusion : Don’t talk so much, don’t ask so much, just eat, pay and leave!

DSC00385The signature polo bun! YES. Non stop baking their polo bun! I’ve tried a few places with their polo buns but really, Kam wah has it all!

DSC00390_pHello darling Polo bun! #whyyousoyummy

DSC00389Apart from that, they have this polo bun with roasted meat. very good as well. Pork is very tender and I guess the bun is the magic! Soft, fluffy, crunchy sweet tops and buttery inside! 

DSC00386 DSC00396French toast. Remember to eat with maple syrup! Yums! *maple syrup on your table*

Apart from that, they do have breakfast set meal too!!

DSC00400LIKE THIS. Main course + Egg & sausages + Drinks

We ordered two mains to try. 

DSC00391Preserved vegetables with minced pork with nissin noodles! This one is better because the toppings actually enhance the flavour of the soup and noodles

DSC00395Another is the roasted pork macaroni. Well, so so 

DSC00398We had milk tea for both.

DSC00402In case you are wondering about the pricing? Yup its cheap

DSC00404_pDespite all the scary and stress moments in the shop, we still manage to take a very quick photo! HAHA! 


Kam Wah Cafe  (Operating hours : 6.30am – 12.00am)

G/F, 47 Bute Street, Prince Edward




The top must eat food in Hong Kong. We read so much about the queue so we decided to have it for supper instead of breakfast! CLEVER right? YES. No queue around 9pm! Tips for those who don’t want to queue but still can’t resist their legendary scrambled eggs.

HOW TO GET TO AUSTRALIAN DAIRY COMPANY : Use MRT to get to Jordan station. Exit at C2 and walk towards parkes street. 


DSC00558The big signboard outside


DSC00537Its the typical cha chaan teng with very traditional small tables and seats. Lucky for us we get to order immediately after we arrived.

DSC00549_pSee how small is the table. No we are not big lei T.T #sobs

DSC00538Ok so lets order!

DSC00542 DSC00551Of coz, the signature scrambled eggs on toast! Please do not miss this. Its the LEGENDARY fluffy milky buttery scrambled eggs. So light and fluffy but so milky in flavour. HOW U GUYS DO THAT!

We ordered the breakfast set to try as well.


DSC00553_pI was like WHAT? The bread is freaking awesome as well. Being a hardcore bread addict, I actually love their white bread more than anything! OMGGGGGG… another #whyyousoyummy

DSC00554White fluffy bread dipped in runny egg yolks. I feel you now.

DSC00547Steamed milk pudding. Hot one we tried. Not too bad I like it but the scrambled eggs and white bread grab all our attentions already.

Come back again? Definitely a big YES! 


Australia Dairy Company (Operating hours : 7.30am – 11.00pm Closed on Thu)

G/F, 47-49 Parkes Street, Jordan



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