HuaLien Travel Guide 2014

Recently I have been receiving quite a few emails from my reader asking if it is possible to write in mandarin. Well, honestly I am not very good in writing in mandarin but guess i would like to try. :) So this is a very brief post about how to go HuaLien from TaoYuan Airport. A simple guide and I hope it helps. 最近收到读者们的电邮。。问问我可不可以多写些中文的旅游文章,我自认我的中文不是那么好可是我还真的想试一试呢。今天会和大家说说怎样从桃园机场到花莲!当然也还会有其他的哪!

DSC06994I took the 6.10am Airasia flight from Kota Kinabalu to Taiwan. Reached Taoyuan Airport around 9.50am. 我程搭亚行从沙巴直飞台湾。

DSC06995And this is the typical picture people would take in Taoyuan Airport. So first thing i did was.. to get a data plan… There are a lot of choices.. the popular ones are Taiwan DageDa and ChungHwa Telecommunication. I choose ChungHwa. No particular reason, just used to ChungHwa everytime I am at Taiwan. 重要的事情先做先!网络网络!其实他们的选项是蛮多的,出名的有台湾大哥大和中华电讯。我选者了中华,没其他的原因,只是习惯每次来都用他们家的就是了

DSC06999This is the packages offered for tourists. I took Plan B because my main reason is still to be connected. TWD 300 is a really good deal for unlimited data access. 配套的选项也超多的,对我来说,配套B已经够我用了

DSC07001It is very convenient. Basically the receptionist will help you to activate everything you need. You just need to change your sim card and restart your mobile phone. 用法也很简单。不用费很多的功夫,因为服务员已在你购买时帮你启动了,你只要换个SIMCARD就可以随时用了

And now, how to go to HuaLien. Basically you can have 3 choices : 那现在到会原题,要怎样去花莲呢? 对我而言有三种方法:

1. Take a cab to Taoyuan Train Station (around 15 minutes drive from Taoyuan Airport) and catch a 4 hours train to Hualien。搭车去到桃园火车站然后搭火车下。不过要注意一下哦,桃园火车站不在桃园机场里

2. Take GuoGuang bus from Taoyuan Airport to Taipei Main Station then took a train of either Tze-Chiang, Puyuma or Taroko Express to Hualien. 在桃园机场塔国光客运到台北车站然后买票去花莲。比较快的有自强列车,太鲁阁列车还有普悠玛列车。

3. My Choice : Took a taxi down to Taipei Main Station for TWD 1000 (1 hour drive) and then buy train ticket to Hua Lien. Fastest train is Puyuma, 2 hours ride but sold out. Second fastest is Tze-Chiang Express, 2.15 hours ride. We took Tze-Chiang Express at 11.45am. (Around TWD 400 for a single trip) 第三个就是我的选项了。程搭计程车台币1000从桃园机场到台北车站然后再买票去花莲。普悠玛列车是最快的,两个钟。可惜卖完了,那我们只好购买自强列车了。也不赖啦,两个钟又十五分,收费也只不过大约400元台币吧

Before we board the train, we actually have 1 hour to loiter around. We decided to walk around and grab our lunch at the main station. I remember the very famous cheesecake recommended in the Taiwanese Entertainment show, ahh… at least i have something to hunt for… 在我们上车之前,都已经来到台北车站了,当然一定要买他们的现烤起士蛋糕啦!

DSC07010Uncle Tetsu’s Cheese Cake. It is located just beside the escalator same floor when you purchase your train ticket. 蛋糕店在底楼靠近手扶梯那边

DSC070118 beautifully baked cheese cake in one round. So if you are No.9, allow another 10 to 20 minutes for the next batch. 出炉一次也只有八粒哦!错过的话就麻烦在等个十到二十分钟吧。好吃的东西是要付出代价滴!

DSC07012TWD 199 for the freshly baked cheese cake.. 台币 199 一粒。超划算!

DSC07014It was very light and fragrant. Unlike other cheese cake, you can hardly eat a lot. This one is different, its like melt in your mouth, the taste is aftermath, and it is just so light that it keep you coming back for more。起士蛋糕口感绵密,香味扑鼻。。咬下去更是入口即化。。起士蛋糕不会太重口味,不会太甜而起痰。他是可以一片接一片吃滴。

After the cheesecake feast, we settled down ourselves at the food court on the 1st floor. 在吃完蛋糕之后,我们选了这家食堂!


DSC07009I ordered braised pork rice with the local fish (milk fish) soup. The combination is simple, flavourful braised pork rice with a bowl of very clear soup. I like my milk fish to be baked then to be boiled. 我当然是点了百吃不腻的卤肉饭啦!在配上台湾的司目鱼汤! 司目鱼汤偏淡,鱼肉很嫩,可是本小姐还是偏爱我的司目鱼拿来烤啦!

DSC07004Mama had braised pork rice with condiments like Taiwanese sausages, prawn fritters and vege soup. She like it 妈妈点了卤肉饭,台湾香肠还有虾卷。味道普普。

DSC07008Papa on the other hand opt for 3 layer pork rice with fresh oyster soup. The 3 layer pork is a blast, it just melted instantly in your mouth. Not to mention the fresh oysters. Happy meal he said. 爸爸点了控肉饭还有鲜蚵汤。控肉好软好化。。汤头算是淡了一点可是也蛮好喝滴!

DSC07017Tze-Chiang Express Train. It is very comfortable. Don worry about the long hours, you can sleep soundly in the train, seats are spacious and the train is overall clean. 吃完午饭之后我们就上车了。这是自强列车,还算蛮舒服的。

DSC07016It was nearly 2 hours when i open my eyes to these. The beautiful valley.. i guess we were almost there… 大睡了一觉,当我醒来时也已经快到了!

The next second I know, the arrival announcement! 各位旅客好,欢迎来到花莲!!!哈哈哈!不是酱配的啦,可是就是差不多这样啦!

DSC07019_pHello HuaLien!! Be Good to me for these 2 days! 花莲你好!

Cab are very affordable in HuaLien. We took a cab to our hotel for only TWD 120. CityLife is where we will be staying for the next 2 nights. Location wise is very very good, it is located at ZhongShan Road where all the must eat and must bye is just in walking distance! 还有哦,花莲的计程车价钱都很公道滴,不用担心!很健谈的司机安全的把我们带到了我们的民宿– 城市生活!地点超好的,就在中华路,到处都是吃滴。。真的不怕被饿死啦!

pageAnd the apartment, very happy with it. 我们的四人房!干净又舒适,下次我也会住回这边滴!

DSC07031And this is the Food Map of HuaLien! Are you Ready??? 花莲美食地图!你们准备好了吗?? 我含辛茹苦把我辛辛苦苦减的肥都吃回来了,那可不是白费的哦!赶快跟我说你好像看看花莲美食!!!


Next Post : What to eat in HuaLien? (1/2) 下一站:到了花莲要吃什么?(1/2)

HuaLien + Taichung Itinerary 2014 花莲台中之旅

YEA I KNOW.. I know I mentioned I will not go to Taiwan anymore in this 5 years time. Sometimes, it is just so hard to predict. Just a random day when we were watching some Taiwanese show introducing the food… and… a moment later, to check on AirAsia and… thanks to the AirAsia’s affordable price…. KK – Taiwan.. return flight is only RM 378! How to resist right? Straight away.. we booked ours. Random trip with random parents and my ahzui. This time, we plan to go Hualien and Taichung!

Hualien + Taichung 6D5N Travel Guide

Day 1 : [HuaLien]  来成排骨 | 花莲到处走走 | 自强夜市

Day 2 : [HuaLien]  公正包子 | 周记蒸饺 | 太鲁阁 | 七星潭 | 海埔蚵煎

Day 3 : [TaiChung]  抵达台中 | 阿秋大肥鹅 | 一中街 | 逢甲夜市

Day 4 : [Taichung]  第二市场 | 妖怪村 | 麻辣火锅

Day 5 : [Taichung]  萧控肉饭 | 清境农场 | 彩虹村 | 东海夜市

Day 6 : 回家!

Temporarily I’ll just post up these mandarin version of Itinerary because I’m still struggling to look for the correct english name for those. Hehehe.. and in the meanwhile when i m writing this is kinda rush.. so… Will Update Soon!! :D



Pasta Zanmai @ Sunway Pyramid

It has been almost half month since i MIA again. Yea… get used to it i always MIA once in a while… depending on my mood. *i always in a mood swing condition* :( Huhuhuhu!! Anyway.. come back again… with piles and piles of posts waiting to be posted. Too many until I get so lazy.. 

It was one fine weekend when the girls get random and decided to meet up for the longest time ever reunion. We have been talking about reunion since months but we never make it 4 together.. and that particular weekend, we make it happen! Weeeee*

DSC06926One of the food stop is Pasta Zanmai, not particularly the best food, we are just merely too hungry to think and to queue for food. I always enjoy hanging out with them because they eat whatever i like to eat, so means we can order a lot and share among ourselves. Hohoho! Eat is forever so important for me k? :D

DSC06934For sharing, Dragon Roll. Avocado + Unagi = Everyone’s favourite.

DSC06938Japanese Scallop Pizza. I love this one. This is probably the best we had for this lunch.

DSC06941Tempura Mentaiko Roll. Its okay

DSC06936For mains, we had Unagi Risotto that doesnt look or taste like risotto at all but still somewhat yummy. hehe

DSC06947Spicy Salmon Spaghetti which is not impressive

DSC06945and.. Spicy Aglio Olio with Lobster. I’ll give the Lobster a thumbs up tho. Lobster is tender and juicy. You can just ignore the tasteless Aglio Olio. :)

I remembered i used to think the food served in Pasta Zanmai is impressive. Quite a disappointment tho. Or maybe Im just fussy. Hohohoho!

Best Breakfast in Lawas — Sheng Ling Cafe & Restaurant

LAWAS, a small town located somewhere between Brunei Darussalam and Sabah is where my mama from. I bet not much people know about this place. I’ll try my best to like somehow introduce the place bits by bits.

DSC05321So generally, breakfast in Lawas are mostly dry noodles, fried noodles, bread, eggs, laksa and nasi lemak as such. Every coffee shop you went in serve almost the same thing except this one. Which, i consider it is the best breakfast place in Lawas. Definitely not the traditional old school type but they have the basics and the refined ones. 

DSC05320Sheng Ling Cafe & Restaurant. One thing good about Lawas is… you can just ask anyone about the location and they will show you. 

DSC05323The hearty breakfast drinks — Hot Teh C (Hot tea with milk & sugar) & Hot Coffee

DSC05875The Basics — Dry Noodle with sliced pork

DSC05877I’ve tried three different coffee shop selling dry noodles but i still think ShengLing holds the best. Why say so? Its the Lard. LARD! One dont simply say NO to lard, especially for noodles. Its very aromatic, the texture of the noodle is silky smooth. Although there’s lard, the noodle is still very light, not too greasy. Sliced pork wise, the sliced pork is braised till tender and it locked all the greatness of the flavours in the meat. Every mouth is happiness. A perfect breakfast bowl. 

DSC05333The Fried Kuey Tiao. (Fried Rice Noodles) Lawas version of Kuey Tiao is slightly different. It is thicker. 

DSC05334Fried Kuey Tiao is good as well. Along with the aroma of the charcoal from the wok. For those who love big fat Kuey Tiao. This is your breakfast.

DSC05336Semi Dry Chao Chai Hungan. A traditional breakfast of the Foochows. 

DSC05338In Kuching, we have Hungan Soup, Dry Hungan but here, its semi dry hungan. Hahaha! I like the taste of it because they are being generous in the wine and oh look… Oysters! A twist.

DSC05326One of my favourite — Fried Glass Noodles with local wine.

DSC05331Love this to bits. It may look very simple and not too appetizing but it is very flavourful. Just even before you eat, the aroma conquer your nose first. The first bite is very light, together with the sweetness from the wine and along side, you find yourself keep eating this. It is a savoury dish of coz, just with a lil bit of tingling sweetness. 

DSC05341Tom Yam Vermicelli. We were quite shocked when it was served. We were expecting like a bowl of tom yam vermicelli soup?

DSC05345Its Fried Tom Yam Vermicelli instead. Something different. Its exactly what you are thinking. Fried Vermicelli with tom yam taste. Spicy, sourish.. if thats your thing, you are so gonna love this.

DSC05878Fried Money Chai Vermicelli with Sambal/Spicy Paste.

DSC05884Not exactly the sambal kinda of thing. More like a balance between sambal and tom yam. The prawn paste is not too overpowering but instead, it gives you the sourish taste from the tom yam. Quite a good combination tho.

ShengLing is by far the only coffee shop serving the more innovative breakfast. Go for something new, try out ShengLing Cafe! 

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