Maldives Travel Guide Day 1 & 2 : From Hulhumale to Maafushi

So after my previous post on Things you need to know before you go Maldives, I’ll proceed to my Maldives Travel Guide now. So as this trip is a very spontaneous decision, we cant get hold of the preferred airlines we want. I booked this trip via the “Flight + Hotel” section from Airasia after a lot of quick research on which hotel we wanted to stay.


Tips : If you are a “seek for comfy” person like me, 4 hours flight with Airasia is killing me. The space are soooo limited I can feel the pain in my backbone. So if next time you were to book a trip, I suggest to book earlier so you can opt for other airlines.

IMG_20170831_202109_resized_20170915_032008758So as I mentioned, there is no need any visa application to go Maldives. All you need is to fill up the visa on arrival form. And if you arrived Maldives after 3pm, there is no speed boat or ferry to go to the Island therefore you need a one night stay at Hulhumale which is where the airport located. There is no need to go to Male. Hulhumale is good enough. There’s one very unique thing in Hulhumale Airport (Velana International Airport), if you din’t see your hotel personnel waiting for you or we have any problems or any confusion, just head to the information counter and they will solve everything for you. There’s a telephone at the information counter and if you need to call whoever, just use the telephone for free at your own conveniences. We din’t see our hotel people at the arrival hall because our flight is delayed for an hour, we went to the information counter and they just ask me to call the hotel. Problem solved. Even later the next day when we were waiting for the speedboat transfer, the gathering point is at the information counter as well. All Hail Multipurpose information counter!

We booked a guesthouse call Elite Inn which is just located near Eastern Beach at Hulhumale. Hulhumale is a very small and reserved little town, very peaceful and quiet. People around the Island is friendly so if you do not know where to eat when you first arrived, you can either ask the locals for suggestions or just go near the beach for the beachfront restaurants. Since we arrived at Hulhumale around 9pm, (airport is just 10  mins drive from Hulhumale main area) we went to bed early. 

IMG_20170901_095722_resized_20170915_032012496combinedWe booked Elite Inn for USD 60 per room with simple breakfast included and airport transfers. Breakfast served to your doorstep! 

As you can see, simple continental breakfast like that is never enough for the hungry monsters… I mean in term of satisfaction! We want more food!

IMG_20170901_094239_resized_20170915_032006845We woke up very early around 9am and ready to explore this little town of Hulhumale. Honestly speaking, there’s literally nothing except the beautiful beach. 

IMG_20170901_094405_mh1504248457180_resized_20170915_031514406 IMG_20170901_102424_mh1504244499498_resized_20170915_031514808Oh THE BEACH IS SO BEAUTIFUL especially the sand. Its so clean and white. I would say I actually prefer the beach here compared to the one at Maafushi. Maafushi has beautiful sea as well but the sand is not as clean.

goMeihuaTemp_mh1504244454465_resized_20170915_031515247 goMeihuaTemp_mh1504244800463_resized_20170915_031514889 goMeihuaTemp_mh1504244978300_resized_20170915_031515061 goMeihuaTemp_mh1504249000056_resized_20170915_031514730 goMeihuaTemp_mh1504284085647_resized_20170915_031515329 IMG-20170901-WA0012_mr1504276470050_mh1504276572009_resized_20170915_031514217We wandered around taking lotsa picture before we settled down for a breakfast place alongside the beach. 

AND HERE WE FOUND ONE OF THE BEST DISH THROUGHOUT THE TRIP — THE TUNA STEAK! OH MY GOLLY! The tuna steak is so fresh the meat is still soft but al dente. A simple char grilled with salt and pepper seasoning is enough to do justice. 


IMG_20170901_105648_resized_20170915_032007246Another famous Maldivian breakfast, “Mas huni” which is made up of shredded tuna and coconut, onions and chilli. All of the ingredients are chopped and grated finely eaten normally with roshi or chapati. I eat this everyday throughout the trip. 

goMeihuaTemp_mh1504244683882_resized_20170915_031514104Happy Tummy Happy Family! A lot of people ask :” Why go Maldives with Family? So weird eh.” No no no its not weird at all, my family is the best travel partners of mine because they follow my planning they are very sporting and we can play and eat all sorts of things together. I have my favourite three travelling groups which I can stick travel with them for the rest of my life. 1.) My family 2.) My Secondary Jimuis Yuenni & Laomao and 3.) My Dearest Debbie & Tracy. So any place with either three groups will make the whole travelling happy memorable and satisfying!

We loitered for about another 2 hours before we head back to the hotel for the airport transfer. There are two stations for speed boat transfer to Maafushi; one is at the airport and another one is at Male city jetty. We booked the speed boat transfer for USD 25 per person for one way at the airport jetty and it took us around half an hour to Maafushi.


WhatsApp Image 2017-09-15 at 3.43.19 PMTHIS IS THE MOST BLUE-ISH sea i’ve ever seen! Or maybe the weather on that particular day is extremely hot so it makes the sea so ultra blue! I very suaku

IMG_20170901_130430_resized_20170915_032011852Strawberry Ice cream from Dairy Queen! We had a 10 mins stop at the Male jetty to collect another batches of passengers. They said the visibility of Maldives sea is 25 meters and I totally agreed with that! Look at the fishes!! At first i thought those were some dried leaves or something~


IMG_20170901_131742_resized_20170915_032010508Half and hour speedboat ride to Maafushi island and you can already see your hotel personnel waiting for you at the jetty.

IMG_20170901_140917_resized_20170915_032010820Maafushi is a public island and it is small enough that you can finish exploring the whole island in 15 mins by walking. We stayed at Kaani Beach Resort and its located at the beach front. I opt for full board with the price USD 168 per night and honestly speaking,  half board is sufficient because the lunch option is very meh and its not in buffet style. However, breakfast and dinner are served in buffet style. 

combinedWe checked in and had our lunch. They let you choose between two choices for appetisers and mains. Clock wise : Chick pea soup, Fried cheese rolls, vegetable rice and Maldivian fried rice. mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~ =_= 

We wanted to explore the island to see if there is any street food to munch on but NOOOOOO…. Huhuhuhu! Foodie like me was like… T.T but the beautiful scenery save my soul. Ok I forgive you for not giving me enough food.

IMG_20170901_155659_resized_20170915_032223565The sea is just overwhelmingly beautiful. Pictures can’t really do the justice because if you see it with your own eyes, the ocean is much clearer and blue. Stunning white beach with blue ocean, so much love!

goMeihuaTemp_mh1504269844244_resized_20170915_031515433 goMeihuaTemp_mh1504272683157_resized_20170915_031514481 IMG_20170901_155207_resized_20170915_032222190 IMG_20170901_155644_mh1504283702997_resized_20170915_031515155 IMG_20170901_160605_mh1504283657110_resized_20170915_031514569The colour of the ocean is quite inviting, some part of the sea is more to clear and greenish blue, some is just pure baby blue like this!! YOU SEE!


IMG_20170901_160555_mh1504269004925_resized_20170915_031515509papa & mama

We spend the day just purely exploring the island and snap a lot of photos and then we headed back to hotel for the dinner buffet.

IMG_20170901_184256_resized_20170915_032222547The food is mostly served in a combination of western, Maldivian and Indian cuisine. It was raining heavily that particular night so we ended the day gossiping in the room instead. 😀





Things you need to know before you go Maldives

Hello! Just came back from a 5D4N trip to Maldives and here I am sharing some tips for you guys. Here are some general sharing or things you need to know before you go Maldives. I hope it helps in your future trip planning to Maldives


1. There is no need a Visa to enter Maldives. You only need to fill up the visa on arrival

2. Maldives is a 100% Muslim country. There is no pork and beer available in the main island but alcohol and pork is served in private island.

3. Bikini is not allowed in the main island. Only allowed at beach area or private island.

4. Male, Maafushi and Hulhumale are public island. Maafushi is the main public island people goes to.

5. Male is a town that you can skip totally. 

6. Airport is located at Hulhumale. You can go to Male with the public ferry for USD 1 but like I say, you can totally skip male. Hulhumale beach is so much nicer.

7. No ferry boat or speed boat service after 3pm daily. So if you arrived at Maldives after 3pm, stay at a nice budget hostel at Hulhumale.

8. There is no public ferry on a Friday. So if you want to save on transportation and use public ferry instead of speed boat, don’t travel on Friday.

9. Public ferry from Hulhumale to Maafushi is around USD 3 but it took 1 hour 45 mins. Speed boat is USD 25 and it took half and hour. You can book speed boat from icom tours (

10. You have to prebook speed boat to secure the travels. Or ask the reception to reserve for you

11. Maldivian are generally friendly, helpful and approachable. 

12. Maldives are generally very safe country

13. Famous Maldivian food will be Mashuni (tuna, onion, coconut chopped finely and mixed well) for breakfast and tuna curry for others

14. You will eat a lot of Tuna dishes in Maldives.

15. USD is widely used in Maldives but they have their own currency call Rufiya as well. 15 Rufiya = 1 USD. Both currency can be used combinely

16. Beginning of September is their Eid ul Alhaa festival which last for 4 days. People around the island will throw you will red colour or green colour water bombs or use red ink to rub your face.

17. You can opt for staying at the public island Maafushi which is more cost saving or opt for private island which is more magnificent in view and more expensive,

18. If you opt for public island, it is advisable to take a half board service as you might go for excursion and lunch is normally provided. There is not much food choices in the island but you can always go adventurous.

19. If you opt for private island, please choose your private island carefully as it will affect you cost of transfer and everything. Private island is generally more beautiful but there is only one resort in ONE private island. So if you choose that particular private island, there is probably only one restaurant one excursion provider and you will be stuck with that. Full board or All-Inclusive packages is highly recommended. Full board means all 3 means included. All inclusive means all 3 meals plus transfer and so on. Please contact and check with the resort before you  purchase because some island is too far to go with speed boat and you only can reach there by sea plane which cost as much as USD 365 per person one way. Please take note. 

20. A short stay of 5D4N to Maldive is sufficient.

21. To save cost, you can also stay at public island Maafushi and go to private island as a day tour. Buy an excursion and they will bring you to a private island for a day. Price ranging from USD 130 to USD 200 depends on which private island you go. 

22. Activities such as dolphin cruise, snorkelling with dolphins or coral or sharks, picnic at sand bank, fishing or all water sports can be bought on the day itself. There is no need to pre book as you can buy when the weather is good.

ANYHOW, all the beaches and sea water is beautiful but I personally recommended the Private Island or at least one day to a private island because it is really different. Don’t come back with regrets! 

Airport Island : Hulhumale — Eastern Beach

Public Island : Maafushi


Private Island : Adaaran Club Rannalhi

goMeihuaTemp_mh1504415396859_resized_20170907_025543542 goMeihuaTemp_mh1504455563867_mr1504694350879_resized_20170907_025543273

Next up : Budget Travel and Luxury Travel to Maldives!

Sydney Travel Guide Day 5 : Best Pie in Sydney Harry’s Cafe de Wheel, Famous Watermelon Cake at Black Star Pastry, The Grounds of Alexandria, Adriano Zumbo Macarons, Grill’d Burger and My favourite Stone Wood beer

Its finally the last post of our Sydney Trip! I figured out I have to anyhow finish my Sydney post if not it be will dangling there forever. Thank you for baring with me throughout the long haul post and Hello… it has been a year! I miss you Sydney!

20160801_065417_resizedLovely breakfast before we went for breakfast. Yes you heard me, that’s what we have been doing for the past one week, food over food. So Australia doesn’t really have a national dish, the only more iconic dish for Australia is probably their meat pies. I have been searching for the longest time for the best meat pie in Sydney and everyone recommended this — Harry’s Cafe de Wheel. Now, they have 11 outlets throughout Sydney and we decided to visit new places so we chose the outlets at Tempe which is also the Marrickville area.

DSC00404Tempe is a very quiet neighbourhood, big and spacious train station with very few passengers. We use our google map from Tempe train station and we walked to our destination – Harry’s Cafe de Wheel!

DSC00392Nice rims out there!

DSC00393Hello Harry’s Cafe de Wheel…!

DSC00394 DSC00400Take a look at the menu! I think we probably had the best combination of food. And i had the BEST strawberry milkshake in my life but I wonder why is it not in the photo. *tears*

DSC00396Their signature, Tiger Harry’s Favourite. It was named after the founder Harry Tiger Edwards! We had cheese and bacon pie topped with mushy peas, mash and gravy! Very hearty meal.

DSC00397Next is the Hot Dog de Wheels! Yes, it make us went crazy over hot dog buns ever since! Continental Viennese smoked frankfurt served with mushy peas, chilli con carne, garlic onions with cheese sauce and chilli sauce. 

Next, we proceed to Newtown! The home of the utmost famous Watermelon Cake! I kind of like Newtown, not too busy but equipped with everything you need. 

DSC00405Oh what I love about Sydney train as compared to Melbourne’s one is that they are all double Decker. hoho!

Beautiful township I would say. 

DSC00406 DSC00424 DSC00426 DSC00434And Black Star Pastry — This is where you can get your watermelon cake! Trust me its worth the queue!

DSC00407 DSC00410 DSC00415Beautiful pastry. I would seriously recommend watermelon cake. It will blow your mind. Its not overly sweet, only the natural sweetness from the watermelon itself, combined with the fluffy cake and some cream with toppings. Oh my oh my.

DSC00412 DSC00418 DSC00422Other than that, I will give it a pass. Too sweet for our liking. But for watermelon cake, a big big thumbs up for you!

Third stop, The Grounds of Alexandria. Beautiful, sophisticating and heart warming! We have been rushing a few places because its our last day and we do not want to miss out anything which is interesting and worth going. 

How to go to The Grounds of Alexandria : From newtown station, take a bus 370 to Sydney Park road. It will reach around 6 mins after 6 stops. Then from Sydney park road, walk about 9 mins which is around 700 m to The Grounds of Alexandria. 

DSC00442Oh my oh my, it is too beautiful that I think I will just let the photos do the talking. However, photos can never make a justice to how beautiful this place is. Best is to go explore yourselves. I bet you will fall in love with it. 

13894989_10153564869511829_5697034305311877635_n DSC00444 DSC00446 DSC00448 DSC00451 DSC00452 DSC00456 DSC00461 DSC00462 DSC00463 DSC00464 DSC00466There’s a barn as well where cute animals are making it their home to chill. Especially this humongous pig called Bacon! Say hello to Bacon please!

DSC0044713872826_10153564869741829_2170869251813997414_nHello Bacon! 

Fourth stop, Adriano Zumbo! You can basically get Adriano Zumbo dessert easily at town or George Street but since we are planning to explore new places on the very last day, we opt for the outlets at The Star Casino at Pyrmont. 

DSC00469 DSC00470 DSC00471 DSC00472 DSC00473Beautiful dessert but too sweet for our liking. It certainly look so much better than it taste. Hmmmmm.. but I am sure those who love very sweet dessert will love it.

Final stop will be Darling Harbour and Grill’d Burger. The girls are sleepy and tired so they decided to head back home straight but I have a mission to buy some ribs for baba so I headed to this beautiful harbour for one last time.

DSC00476 DSC00478 DSC00479And say what. there’s Grill’d! Lamb Burger! Stone Wood Beer! And thats what I got for my dinner. Happy Ending!

DSC00484 DSC00485I decided to take a different route home and to my astonishment, WHAT???!! You mean all the past one week we have been taking short cut and  missing out this breathtaking view just outside our apartment???! Snap snap snap! Good discovery before we head back to Malaysia! Thank you Lavender Bay, you have been such a good location for our Sydney trip!

Finally finish all  my Sydney posts and I hope you enjoy reading. It was our first ever trip together and it turned our memorable and happy. I cherish all the moment we spent and I sincerely hope that we will have more trips coming in the future. Thank you Yuen Ni and Lao Mao for making this trip happened. Love you girls as always and forever <3


Sydney Travel Guide Day 4 : Paddy’s Market, Circular Quay, Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Chinatown, Bondi Beach

We dedicated that particular day for Bondi Beach, one of the Sydney popular beach with golden sands and turquoise waters! But before heading to our ultimate destination, we went for the last minutes shopping for souvenirs and fruits at our favourite paddy’s market! We always start our beautiful day with homecook breakfast merely because the ingredients here are garden-fresh!

20160731_071519_resizedYea we owes have alcohol to kick start the day! <3

20160731_093822_resizedMatching hat for Laomao & Keren!


20160731_103620_resized-tileWe went to Paddy’s Market again to stock up some souvenirs and groceries and head over to Chinatown for a peep. #leftsidearekangarooballs

20160731_120425_resized goMeihuaTemp_mh1469972821804_1483855917864Chinatown is smaller than expected but you can still find an assortment of Chinese food there. We give it a pass and proceed to the main attraction of the day — The Bondi Beach!

How to go to Bondi Beach : We took a train from Central to Bondi Junction then change to bus 380, 381 or 333 for a 15 mins ride to the beach.

20160731_130229_resized DSC00295#please tab the pole before and after you alight

The first thing we alight is to hunt for Food!! Seafood!! We just randomly walked pass whichever shop that looks good and this caught our attention.

DSC00302Just look at the variety of seafood served~ We ordered a pan grilled barramundi fish set and a salt and pepper fried squid for sharing! 

DSC00304I personally love barramundi fish. For a fresh catch like that you basically just need to sparkle with a pinch of salt and you are good to go! Yums!

20160731_135303_resized-tileSquid ring is ginormous!!! And its more to a fluffy squid than the al dente one~

Love the beach~ Its freezing cold but everyone still camp around the area for the mere sunlight. 

20160731_133608_resized 20160731_142726_mh1469973280282_1483855918659 DSC00306 DSC00308 DSC00310 DSC00311 DSC00313 DSC00315 goMeihuaTemp_mh1469973186775_1483855918184Can’t persuade myself to go to the sea so here’s thousand of photos to make do of it. hoho!

20160731_143627_resized_p 20160731_143958_resized_p-tileOh DID I MENTION WE SPOTTED A WHALE?

FB_IMG_1483618544209Oh we were lucky to have spotted a whale too! Thanks to the passerby who acknowledge us about that! 

DSC00330-tile FB_IMG_1483618554027-tile
goMeihuaTemp_mh1469973554289_1483855970176-tile FB_IMG_1483618567014How cosy!! Love the greens!! 

DSC00344We spend almost our whole afternoon loitering here. Not doing much, just admire and appreciate the beauty of it. Photographs will never show how soothing and beautiful this place is. 

Before we left this beautiful area, we went for another round of food hunt. GELATO and GELATO MILKSHAKE!! Cant help falling deep in love with the milkshake omg!! 

DSC00349 DSC00350 DSC00351-tile FB_IMG_1483618585561I guess Aussie make me crazy about milk shakes!

DSC00332 DSC00348 DSC00354 DSC00355 DSC00357One last view before we left. We will always remember you!

We head straight to Circular Quay to catch the night view of the Sydney Opera house and Sydney Harbour Bridge before we call it a day.

20160731_173750_resized DSC00361 DSC00369 DSC00375 DSC00388Magnificent I would say. If you are not tired, grab a beer alongside and just spend your evening chitchatting with your friends with these beautiful view behind. We were like near exhausted so we opt for a light stroll and went back sleep!

20160731_173403_mr1470008174164_1483855971112 20160731_174838_resized_p 20160731_174937_resized-tile DSC00372-tileTake a good amount of selfies and wefies before you call it a day! 

DSC00390 DSC00391Hungry Jacks? nah! next time!

We went straight home for dinner! Home cook comfort meal


20160731_195015_resizedThe after meal dessert — my favourite Persimmon! Happiness overloaded!

Guess we will call it a day from here! Signing off!



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