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Kaohsiung Travel Guide 2 : Qijin Island Day Trip, Qijin Must Eat Food, Kaohsiung Pier 2 Art Center, Ba Wei Ginger Duck 旗津一日游,旗津美食 :万三,波士顿蛋糕,椪嫂番薯椪,駁二藝術特區 ,霸味姜母鸭,阿好咸粥50年老店

Day 2 in Kaohsiung which is also our last full day in Kaohsiung. Good Morning! We woke up early because we plan to go to Qijin Island (旗津) as part of the itinerary today. Qijin Island is an island located just 5 mins ferry ride away from Kaohsiung city. But before we go to the […]

Kaohsiung Travel Guide 1 : Liuhe Night Market 六合夜市,Taiwanese Restaurant Mai Yan Shun 卖盐顺台菜馆,Love River 爱河, Mei Li Dao Station 美丽岛站

And from Chia Yi we proceed to our last city of our Taiwan Trip – Kaohsiung City! We had very limited time at Kaohsiung but we manage to squueze in everything we wanted to visit. And this is how my bag look like carrying two of my babies while travelling. First destination after we checked […]

Chiayi Travel Guide : What to eat in Chiayi? Day Trip to Alisan, WenHua Night Market, a 97 years Roasted Almond Milk 嘉义必吃美食,刘里长鸡肉饭,嘉义诸罗山凉面,黑人鲁熟肉,阿婆烤玉米,文化路夜市必吃,阿里山一日游,嘉乐福观光夜市,碳烤杏仁茶

Arrived at the next city of our Taiwan Tour — Chiayi! Our hotel welcomed us with a happy and cute french puppy.. so cute! Chiayi is a very small town but its full of friendly local residents, everyone seems so helpful and I enjoyed just hanging around there. Oh! can please read til the end […]