About Me

Some Fact Finds of Me 



Name : WoonYien

My Birthday : 26 February 1987

A woman’s secret : 29 in the year of 2016

Horoscope : Pisces

Height : 165 cm

Weight : 60KG

Marital Status : Single 

Favourite Colour : Green

Favourite Food : Bread & Pastry, Chicken Rice, Pork 

Favourite Drinks : Kokokam Peng. Tomato juice

Things that i couldnt much tolerate : in-punctuality & Betrayal

Animals that i like : Dogs & Rabbits & Bears

If you want to buy me gift : I love cookbooks, all kinda branded stuff of coz, make up stuff, camera stuff, travelling stuff preferable tickets or you can just give me cash. hahaha!

My Social Media : Facebook & Instagram. Im only active in these both at the meantime. Username “Woon Yien” for both. I have snapchat and twitter too but kinda not very active in it

Something you need to know about me :  I Love FOOD. I love to eat and I Love to Cook as well. I love Travelling. Anywhere will do. I Love to take pictures. I Love Shopping. I Love HK Drama. I have a dearest plush. Its a Bear, although it doesnt look like a bear but she is. Her Name is Keren. I bring her everywhere i go, i hug her to sleep every night. I like history. I love to explore places with a lot of stories. History makes the place meaningful, I am easily touched by the beautiful story behind. I am easily moved by the sorrow behind. I like monuments. I love documentary. I love archeology. I love non fiction books or something inspiring. I have a very high level of tolerance but please don’t take me for granted. 

People who inspired me : Gordon Ramsay, David Chang, Thomas Keller, Heston Blumenthal

When do i start blogging : 23rd June 2008.  8th years this coming 23rd.

Why Do i Start Blogging : I remembered back in University time when i hang out with my girls.. Natalie & XinYi. And suddenly one fine day they have their own blogs. So i pun started mine. 😀

Contact Me : woonyien@live.com or i prefer to fb msg me (fb email : woonyien_loves_u@yahoo.com) or instagram me (Insta id : WoonYien). I play instagram more often than FB

Updated on : 8th March 2016