Black black but smooth smooth!

Black black but smooth smooth!! Actually this is the wrong product I bought. Initially wanted to buy the black mud mask but it came out transparent black jelly mask instead. Oh well, thinking that i already bought so just use it.. and after a few application, my face actually love it!!! 

DSC08978SO this is how it looks like! Its black mar… cannot blame me for buying the wrong one. Huhuhuhu!

DSC08979D.Me.Care. Is that the name of the mask? I think so..

DSC08981And like what i said.. its a black jelly mask… 

DSC08982Of coz, one scoop is not enough.. I had around 4 scoops to cover my own face.. Not because my face is big la hor.. its because the instruction says have to cover it thick for 30 minutes if not it will dry out easily. *I know its still not that thick here*

DSC08983Huehuehuehue…! I look like a kid in swamp with crayon shin chan eyebrow. 😀

DSC08991So after half an hour, use cotton pad or the scoop to slightly wipe off the jelly mask which is very much jelly alike… and rise it with water..

DSC08994And you are done!!

DSC08995My Oh so smooth face…! *happy* Tonight can sleep happily liao!