Japan Must Buy : Shiseido Aqualabel, Perfect Whip, Clear Turn Q10 Mask

Ever since i came back from Japan, i started to switch my beauty products from Clarins to whatever i bought in Japan. Japan is love, everything about Japan is nothing but love and happiness, no doubt, i fall in love with most of the products in Japan. 

I have been using these for more than half year di. So far so happy and hence, i think i should share some with you peeps! 🙂 

DSC06055These are my usuals. I dont know about you but I tend to switch beauty products quite often, a lot of people advice not to but I cant help it. I still remembered i switch my beauty products to Naruko and Dr. Wu last year around April but haven get to share then switch again di. Tehehehe! So here, have to do it fast fast liao

DSC06054From left to the right –> Bifesta Cleansing Lotion (Make up removal), Perfect Whip (Cleansing Foam), Shiseido Aqualabel Toner, Shiseido Aqualabel Moisturizer, and lastly Clear Turn Coenzyme Essence Q10 Mask

I first fall in love with the Bifesta Cleansing Lotion. It removes the make up easily and very clean. Perfect Whip is even a better product, the foam is so fine and it clean my face thoroughly. Shiseido Aqualabel products are good too. So far i m happy with my face. Short description for all of the above because the main product i am sharing today is the Clear Turn Coenzyme Essence Q10 Mask.

DSC06057The packaging looks like this. One box contains of 30 sheets of mask.

DSC06058If you are read Japanese, I am sure you will know the product better. I cant. Huhuhu! Someone translate for me please?


DSC06061The box came with two seal. I guess its to prevent the mask from drying up easily. 

DSC06062Just pull out one sheet. It looks like all scrambled together but its ok, just peel it nicely and you got a very moist mask on your hand. One thing good about the mask is the texture of the sheets, its unlike the normal mask with very thin sheet, this one is more complex and you wont feel like the essence is just sticking one the layer of the sheets. Its more solid

DSC06067_pAnd its big enough to give full coverage on my face. hohohoho!