Aaron’s 24th

Weee! i finally get to online AGAIN! pity me.. the telecom is such a big ular.. never gonna fix my line and so on! geram! But anyhow.. i manage to go places to places to online! *huhuhuhu* Miss me bo?

So its was 9th of December where our beloved Aaron a.k.a Ahlieng turns 24!!! hehehe! he purposely come back to celebrate.. with us.. hm… we are not the MAIN motivation la i think.. wuakaka! But we are so happie he came back! *WEEEEE*

Here;s Ahlieng blueberry cake! *yum yum*

And the people around him…..

I bet u noe him.. such a premium.. too bad another premium is still at KL out statioN! *woots*

She finally don shake around.. *wuahaks*

And Ahlieng’s papa and mama!!

Here;s a simple video that capture the lovely moments! nyek*


happie bday again Ahlieng!!! *hugs hugs*

Got miss us o not at bintulu!!!!