Bubba Gump @ The Curve, KL

When u see this.. you will know this restaurant serves a lot of..

YES.. shrimps..

or u can called them PRAWNS… wadever you like lah. 😀

We had a gathering there just last night.. had a fabulous dinner with a lot of comestics talk, cars talk, CEO talk.. and of coz.. a surprise pre-bday celebration for Kenneth in the end.. ^^ Have to thankiuk to all of the sweethearts for this meal.. For 10 ppl’s sharing.. the meal cost around RM 560 if not mistaken.. *i peep on the money they pay* nyek nyek!

I love this place.. they have very nice ambiance.. very unique concept after the movie Forest Gump…!

This particular deco caught my attention. teehhehe! how cute!

Wordy table.. >,<

Oh.. look how cute the menu is.. the shrimp is smiling at us! *grin*

Oh.. one more thing.. i got souvenir from lay har who just came back from UK…. thankiuk thankiuk*

Putt & Jason..

Vinly & LayHar

Kenneth & Alex

Dar & MeiXin

Winnie & I

I know everyone look so formal bcoz they have to rush to the dinner straight after work. huhuhu! so nice of u guys!

Mango Sparkler and the strawberry one..

My Pomegranate Margarita (RM 22.90)

His Medal Margarita (same price i think)

LayHar’s Jenny’s Favourite…

For appetizer… we had

Shrimper’s Heaven (RM 44.90)

They have 4 different types of shrimps… 3 or 4 per types

but i only took two. kekekeke!

Cajun Shrimp.. Sauteed in hot and spicy Cajun Butter Sauce.. imagine it!

Some roasted chicken which i duno wad is it called. =( huhuhuhu! knot find online oso. *haih* if anyone know about it just let me know ah!

1 1/2 pounds Shrimper’s Net Catch!! AHHHH!! this one is one of the recommended one!! One bucket of shrimpssss with two kinds of sauce depending on ur choice. Garlic Spice or Secret Recipe Cajun Spice.. i love the GArlic one..! ^^

For Entrees.. As the portion is BIG and the portion of appetizer is more than enough.. we decide to just order a few and share…

Bourbon Street Barramundi (RM 29) Fresh Barramundi fish served with peeled shrimps and mashed potatoes.

“I m Stuffed” Shrimp!! Large Shrimp with Crab Stuffed.. baked with Garlic butter and Cheese.. Garlic butter makes me melted!!!

Bubba Baked Seafood Rice.. the texture is NEAR to rissoto! *nyek nyek*

BBQ Beef Back Ribs.. omg! i love this one.. but… its not shrimp. *keke* but someone said Tony Roma’s is better.. duno la.. i haven tried Tony Roma’s yet mahhh~

and Lastly.. Hmm.. its a AMerican Beef Burger i supposed? i din get the name last night. T.T

Overall.. oooo!! i still love the Garlic Butter Shrimps the most! *ding*

Before we proceed to the next station.. we had a lil surprise for Kenneth!!

*Video wil be uploaded SOON coz youtube is SLOW at the moment*

As Usual.. the GUYS..

the Girls…

and the groupie!

Kenneth!! Happie PRE-bday ahh!! his bday is on 30th.. still long i know. kekeke!

The WIFE. My Bobbi Brown Consultant

ANd lastly the “Kuching-ians”.

So after the dinner.. we went to The LiBrary…

Eh.. got Hoegaarden ahhh EVA!!!

Everyone can order a pine of Hoegaarden when doing ur revision. HOW NICE!