Dearest Papa’s 55th!

Just DAYS before my birthday.. it was my papa’s one.. hehe.. okay.. i know its a lot of days before.. but hor.. you know lah.. my laptop don wan me liao.. so i cant edit or even update my blog… and all my pictures i store it at my dar’s laptop… okok.. Mr TAN lah.. kekeke!!

We celebrate papa’s birthday at BLA BLA BLA restaurant.. Dar help me to hide the cake at the restaurant first during afternoon time so we can surprise my daddy~ ehehe~~

Papa and Mama.. i owes think my papa is so so so much cuter than mama! muahaha!!

My ah lun and Me!!

As usual… the starter.. peanuts and papaya slices.. huhu!! Its not free of charge ok..

I ordered my favourite lamb shank… coz i know papa like oso!

The very famous midin salad..

Spicy Mussel… For your information.. papa loves mussel too~

In house tauhu! mama like~

And one more.. thai chicken~ i duno why i forgot to take the pic!! sobx!

We were dining half way then only HE arrive.. huhu!!

Luckily not so late hor.. if not i will eat up all the lamb shank~ llalalallalaa

After dinner.. we surprise papa with a very nice SR’s birthday cake!!!

So nice rite?! papa is happy.. we are happie!

Happie 55th to PAPA!!!!!! *hugs hugs kiss kiss*

I forced them to take a pic eating cakes! kakaka! how nice i m rite?

U see U see~ papa so cute!! So candid! *Okay.. i know i m obsessed with my papa.. so wad? hehe!*

Still got video somemore. =)

And.. wad did we do after dinner???

Yeah! the night is still young! *woots*

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