Dupy’s 10th Birthday

2/2/2010 marked ahpy’s 10th burday…! *pats pats* This year.. i invited some old friends over to celebrate with Dupy.. They are dupy’s friends too.. they played with Dupy ever since Dupy is still a puppy. *teehehe*

A mini gathering with Dupy

Hello Furball!

At first i plan to prepare Pasta bake and Salmon steak for the supper.. but end up i overslept so i only have like half an hour to prepare the pasta bake..

Others.. Tabao-ed lur… KFC! everyone’s favourite

The famous hui sing Pork satay *yum yum*

And mini Connetto as desserts!! But.. they forgot to eat coz i put it in my fridge. huhuhu!

Its around 8.30pm and everyone is here..! Oh.. i bet Dupy missed her.. *hiak hiak* They are bringing Dupy present oso!! *so sweet*

Dupy’s Best friend.. mine oso~

Oh my.. Dupy look soooooo cute in this pic!! Chubby can!!!

Some of Dupy’s presents

Camwhoring with Dupy.. see… Dupy is busy licking her hand. HoHoHoho!

My turn my turn..and my naked face. hahahaha!

ANd Dupy’s all-time-favourite —> BELLY RUB! Give her extra belly rub on her Birthday. *nyek nyek*

See how satisfied she is!!

So after a while.. its cake cutting time…!

Dupy’s 10 years old birthday cake.. Hmm.. last year one cuter right?

Happie birthday to ahpy!!!

Papa and ahpy~

Cutting cake!!

When she is concentrating cutting the cake.. something appear beside her. see the butt!

Oh.. its keren!

and she is aiming for the cake.. huhuhuhu!

And u know wad.. This No.1 Fans of Keren is soooo happie to see keren just now.. so he request for a photo with her. HaHaHaHa!!

And so.. it ends Dupy’s 10th Birthday!!

*weeeeeee* Thankiuk for coming dearest!! *hugs hugs*

Oh wait.. Dupy has a Hamper too!!! *ngah*

Busy licking the fresh cream on her paw i guess!  ^^

Happie bday once again dupy! *love eu*