Happie 21st to Lao mao!!!!!

HaPpie 21st birthday to Lao Mao! today hmm.. 4th of August is the official day she turns to 21st! wooohoho! Sama sama now liao. hahahahaha! No more saying herself still 20 liao la.. hehehe!!! This year.. she throw a birthday party at her house… and BBQ.. Omg!! Happie! can eat a lot. haha!

Everyone arrive at like 7.30pm and we like hiding behind her hus.. yes.. all of our cars parked at the dark dark alley behind her house ok.. muahaha! Its waS LATE and ppl start sending her msges sayin we wont be goin..and of coz.. very lame la hor.. of coz she wont believe.. but just for fun ma.. muahaHa.. we are all happie.. haha! then when we sneak at her house gate.. we suddenly sing happie birthday songs so loud.. from outside.. haha! Betul lah.. memang from outside of her house..

When we reached.. it was just in time for dinner.. her mummy cooked so much delicious food! Oh.. forgot to tell.. her mum cooks good food! my first butter prawn recipe is from her mummy! thankiuk aunty!! *muax* Today.. lao mao’s big day.. she cooked like 7 dishes.. not including satay, and BBQ stuff.. HoHoHo. imagine how full were us that day.. the specialty dishes from aunty are Butter prawn, white coffee pork chop, Tom Yam fish.. curry chicken.. baby kai lan.. bee hoon.. and my favourite KacangMa!!! MUAHAHA!!! We are all falling in love with the white coffee pork.. he he! After all the dishes.. we went for BBQ!! wooHohohO!!!

Yeah!! Oh.. chicken wings.. i just remember i din eat even one of it. *sobx* too full that time. HoHo!

When i was just about to walk to the Pit! WooHoHO!! i duno wad lamby and others add.. the pit just… BURNED! ha ha! so fun lookin at it.. pity chicken wings! duno wad will they bcum later.. huhuhu!

We have basically nth to do when lamby and josey is BBQ-ing for us.. so its picture taking time.. I have my camera with me.. and all i do is to take pictures randomly la..

OOps… yeah la.. memang got random pictures la.. jus that i select some of my OWN face pictures to put in ma. ^^

Me and Pik QIIII.. we took the most pictures that nite. of our own. he he he!

Me and Lamby! i know she is BBQ-ing.. but just like walking around her and take pics! haha! eeiks.. raw chicken!!!!!!

ME and the 2 charming BBQ queeeeen! haHah! she loves chick wing, she loves hotdog and i love crab meat!

Ah Hu, pik qii and me!!

Josey and I decided to take some funny pictures…Oh.. aunty is watching us and complaining the car has no wheels.. ha ha! i noe aunty wanna take la.. jus that she say she din wear nice nice that day. muahaha!

When we are like taking photos among us.. lao mao is like gone from the area.. eeeiks.. cant find her near us.. and who noes..

This girl is playing WII sports with her frens Frost and DeeDee.. HooHoHo! Imported all the way from Singapore..

Few Hours later…

Part 2.. we have BBQ lamb coming out!! yum yum!! lammmmmmbbbb! my favourite.. but i only eat one mouth where yuen ni feed me.. hoho.. coz i m full eating my crab meat just now..

seee? i love crab meat! hahahah!

Lao Mao! i wan more honey!!! more more more!!!!

But stil.. i still help to BBQ some of the Lambs.. bcoz they look cute. hahhaa!!! swt =.=”

Oops.. i think more ppl is comin out.. so ijust let go of my lamb and let the rest to do it.. haha! its camwhoring time again!

We owes see ppl doing this pose..

And we are like.. “lets do it” hahaha.. but with the slipper version..and lao mao’s is like.. hehe! so funny!

This one oso… but the star is kinda expanded..

Its almost 12am and we nid to do it b4 12!! Oh.. wads that?? CAKE!!!!

I just love the cake! super love!



Close up.. hehe! so cute! i wan i wan!!! No other meaning.. just keren love lao mao! ha ha! sth which will make her shout..

Before we get the Cake out.. ME and Pik qii took a pic with keren cake!

Pik qiii~~ i noe u love her oso.. mai keke mo..

MuaHaHa! as expected.. we get lotsa shouting and “jian Jian Jian” when she see the cake.. haha.. i noe she never ever did expect keren to be appear on the cake. I loVe keren!

Make a wish make a wish!!

Oh.. don cut keren face.. T.T

Lao mao favourite past time.. and wad she owes do during her bday.. BITE PPL! haha!!

Josey say giv the birthday girl a kiss!! Yes! of coz can!!! Muaahha! and so we did!

Family picccies of the day! Overall family piccies

Family piccies of our geng! Budddies forever!!! taken by pik qii with her skilled hand and her skilled camera. hehe! We r sistas forever.. yes!! of coz ah hu oso our sister!

That day was great!! Hope all ur dreams and wishes come true o lao mao!! we love u!! Happie birthdayyyyy!!!!

The 21st years old Mao. Legally casino-ed