Happy Birthday Chia Shin @ Simplicious Kuching

A random monday.. A random whatsapp.. A random arrangement.. A random date.. and it turn out to be a wonderful pre-birthday celebration. Its a very simple random pre-bday celebration because i will be out of kuching for the whole week next. Our first venue is Big Oven.. but it was closed. Second venue to Fusion Grill.. but.. closed.. third option all the way to the beginning — Simplicious and thank God its open. 😀

My first time there.. spacious and decent

The three early birds

and A birthday girl lady

Lets see whats in the menu..

We ordered honey dew juice (RM 6.50), Carrot Juice (RM 6.50) and Iced Chocolate (RM 8)

As for starter.. We ordered fish umai (RM 12)

and “today’s special — Roasted Duck Salad” I personally love the salad.

Beef Sausages, Sirloin and Mushroom Aglio Olio (RM 26)

The Grilled Lamb Shoulder is a blast too… either with garlic sauce

See.. *nom nom nom*

or mushroom sauce.. everyone loves it (RM 28)

Lao mao finally came with a muscle man.. and oh well.. she ordered this Roasted Chix Salad (RM 13) and.. all the boring greens which is not in the menu because they purposely ask the chef to do it…so i dint take pic of it.. =.= hahahhaha!

I think we are either too excited or nervous.. the ice chocolate…. well… =.=

After a while.. we went to pik qii house to mingle around..

Having brain jam now.. so.. let the pictures talk..

Happy Birthday again.. you are 24 already. Muahahahahaha!