Have you Mooncaked??

Last Friday.. a representative from Four Points came to our office and giv us this!

DING!! Four Points Mini Mooncake!! She say if anyone is interested, they sell for RM 82 per box. One box contains 6 mini mooncakes.

I took Jade Custard Flavour. Huhuhu! not bad nah..

And this afternoon.. mummy and i went to Wee Hock for mooncake paste. teehehe! She said she is going to teach me how to make moooooncake!

Its located just beside the block of Hock LEe..

I m sure it rings a bell rightz? tehehe!

They have LOTSA flavour.. Special ones.. Unique ones.. and of coz.. the very general  one..

And.. also DragonFruit Flavour.. *nyek nyek*

And.. guess wad i bought?!

Total Damage : RM 64

Its my first time doing crystal mooncake.. hope u like it woh.. tomolo gonna finish the another half. huhu!

Oh.. we went to watch movies again.. papa,mama, dar dar n me!! We have some free tickets so we need to use it! hehe.

We watch “UP” at 7.15pm..

Honestly speaking.. i don really like the movie because its kinda sad.. i mean the storyline.. it makes me cry a few times especially fredrickson is talking to elly’s pic!!! I THOUGHT WALT DISNEY CARTOON IS SUPPOSE TO BE HAPPPY ONE!!

And.. i hate that Kid called Russell.. such a troublemaker! ISH ISH!!! but Doug is so so so so so cutE! *love*

ANyway.. i don like.. bcoz the storyline is SAD. I’ll giv it 6/10

We watch MY favourite FINAL DESTINATION 4 too!! I know i know.. i know i;ll watch it at MBO when hall 5 is ready bcoz hall 5 is for 3D movies.. but we have free tickets on FD4.. so jus watch lo.. =(

Well.. i kinda very tulan when i m watching it bcoz the malay guy in front of me have such a LONG MOVING NECK and BIG HEAD!! very irritating OK! IMAGINE u r watch your FAVOURITE movie and you can only access half of the screen bcoz the goddamn big head is covering u and not only that.. he keep moving his head.. means i turn to the left and watch it with half screen covered.. and suddenly he moved his head to left.. when i move my head to the right… he moved to right!! DAMN U! i wanted to tell him to STOP moving his goddamn head but i can seee he is kinda uncivilised.. so i scare la.. scare he scold me ma..i don wan to spoilt my mood on my fav movie so i din tell him lo… thats y i only can scold in the blog lo. wad to do! huhuhuhu!

Lucky me.. the seat beside dar dar is empty… so i jus switch to the other side.. maintain my mood and enjoy my favourite movie… huhuhu! Well.. the movie is still nice of coz.. but i think the previous 3 is more interesting.. teehehhe! i’ll giv it 8/10


And.. last thursday is fabby’s birthday!!

Happie 24th birthday darling!!! *muacks*

ok.. time to sleep!