His 25th BirthdaySSSS

As what Ahlost has expected, the super long post is here! HohoHoho! Beware!! it may took forever to load! T.T

His 25th Birthdays… Full of surprises hor.. my head also finish cracking liao! *huhuhuhu*

1.) Celebration with his Secondary School ClassMates!

1…2… 1..2..3..4..5.. correct correct.. 25 yrs old liao~

At our favourite chinese restaurant.. *Hoi Tin Lau* — Yup.. same place where i had my graduation dinner! *hiak hiak*

Yummmy foood!!! some look familiar right? hehehe!! yaloh.. the recommended dishes are those few ma.. so keep repeating. wuaalalalala!

Happily officiated his 25 yrs old life! Nguahahaha!!!

and of coz.. the next thing to do is…

Buka Pressie!! weee!! my favourite session!

seee.. everyone oso so keen of wad the pressie is.. altho they know wad is it oledi.. ^^ Oh.. just in case u wanna know… the Bday King had revealed it in his NEW BLOG. ^^

After the makan makan session.. we head to Kado to play this.

HAHAHA!! funny right?! but still.. FUN!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

2.) Celebration with His Uni Bestiesss

Thankiuk Kenneth, Mei Xin, Vinly, Abby, Winnie, Lay har and Putt Putt for coming over to Kuching just to give Mr.Steve a birthday surprise!!! Its so sweeeet of them to fly all the way from KL to Kch..! if not hor.. the surprise tak jadi liao. huhuhu! Love u alll!!

His cake for the day…!! Huhuhuhu!! nice right?? i order it thru facebook! hahahaha!! He still knt belief it! *teehehe*

We celebrate it at Koreana.. and Vinly succesfully surprised him with the cake!! Hmm… not really the cake la.. is the people in the room!! haha….!!!

Happie and Blur~~

huhuhuhu!! Nvm la..come.. sek sek..! Don shocked liao.. kekekeke!

I am soo happie you guys can make it neh!! *touched*

And of coz.. we spent the rest of the weekends with them…

To visit the very OLD cat…

Cultural Village..

and some crazy moment at night! *nyek*

To BaoBao… hope u LIKE the surprise hor!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

3.) Celebration with the PREMIUMSSSS!

Happpie 30th Birthday to Johnston Foo!!! *huhu! 30 yrs old lo.. evil grin*

and Happie 25th Birthday to Dar!! *very fast 30 oso liao*

its 08.11.09.. Mr JF’s bday!!! so ahlost and i decided to do a combine celebration for Jf and Dar! We went Jf’s very nice condo to have BBQ..!! *weeee* Din really take any pic at first coz i m busy eating.. and  together with annna and eve busy forcing ppl to finish the wine and beer. Hohohoho!! But still.. we manage to take pic after everyone is kinda… RED! *weee*

Caught red handed ahlost using her icy cold fingers to grab their face!! muahahaha!

The birthday Kingssss!!

and me!!

and dar’s third cake… a 3D burger cake!!! teehehehe! so cute right?? i ask my sec school mate from Taka 2.5 mile to do one.. thankiuk ah!!

See how big the cake is.. and.. chi hua hua =.=

And the Birthday KINgsss.. pretend to be surprised bah!! ish ish ish! *poke*

JF with his SUper Expensive Sport Car cake frm taiwan cake hus.. its very expensive hor.. make sure he finished every bites of the cake! *nyek nyek*

and dar’s burger cake from taka!! (2.5 mile)

Us with a Big Big Burger cake!!

WUAHAHAH!! its time to play!!!

Super poser chenky wan some oso!!

Duno wads wrong with JF holding the red thing la..!!but its cute so i post it up. teehehe

and tim.. with his famous Lotus tongue wei!!! got time ask him do it for u!! and don get shocked! teehehehe!

Sexy Chi hua hua and New Spec Tim!

Ting, me and the Wong’s sisters!!

ANd lastly.. groupie!! i like this photo coz evey is so sweet!! and PAzuzu is so random! muahahaha!!

Where are Gordon and Eva?? *hmpf.. merajuk*

Where are Mike and Frankie?? *hmpf..pergi futsal..merajuk juga*

Where is Pui Joo??! *hiding behind the cam.. hiak hiak.. merajuk sikit*

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

4.) Actual Day celebration with ME!!

I took a day off and i bake him some cupcakes!! Thankiuk Deidre for telling me tips of making fondant cupcakes.. coz its my first time… and.. thankiuk  myself for having such patience to search the recipe online.. brain storming for ideas for the fondant! *teehehehe* -clap clap-

THis is wad u shud prepare.. and some steps to do a fondant cupcakes!!

To tell u honestly.. its not so hard oso.. but the chocolate drawing of mine is kinda cacat a bit lah. hahaha! first time ma.. must forgive hor!

So here’s my cupcakes!!!

Luckily No N.G!! but the last one kinda ugly coz i draw wrongly. huhu~

Oh.. i even made one for keren! *muacks*

i Hide my cupcakes with the help of my papa!! hehe!! and we headed to Mango Tree for dinner!!

and of coz.. keren is tag along. ^^ no need to ask wads that.. i;ll tell u now.. she is a cute little bear~

ManGo tree! i must say.. the food IS delicious!! although its a lil bit pricy.. but.. its worth every cent!

Happie Him

Happie Me.. with my all time favourite— CRABBY!!!! *wooots*

and Happppie food!! *yum yum*

Camwhore ^^

after movie, we went home and i gave him a light surprise!

WEE!! i hope he loves my cupcakes neh!!! Sweat and Blood do one ah!

keren like oso! ^^

And with that.. i gotta end the blog post liao.. coz i m so freakin rajin to blog at 2.40am and now i have to reward myself by tugging myself in the pillow. huhuh!

Guk Nait ahh!