i’M 23!! (Part 1) @ Bla Bla Bla

I celebrated my birthday with my family on the 18.02.2010 which is like 8 days earlier this year because my brother is around Kuching!! *weeeee*

Initially plan to go to Original CarWash but ended up at Bla Bla Bla.

This year.. like every year.. keren is here to celebrate with me too! *love* Don b curious about Keren. She is a BEAR. You can owes add her in FaceBook. She dont bite. =)

Ok.. time to eat! We have 5 dishes that day..

Chicken floss Pineapple rice…! Very pineapple. hahaha!

Red Wine Midin…!

Lamb Shank..! yum yum! Second all times favourite! hahaha!

Spicy Mussels.. Hmm.. its indeed a lil too spicy as compared to last time..

Sugar Cane Chicken with Baked Cheese.. oooozing delicious!

Just look at the fat cheese.. YES.. its a layer on thick cheese on the chicken.. with cream cheese later on!

After dinner… we went for movie.. and grabbed ourselves bintang bucks! *hiak hiak*

And some cakes.. As its an early celebration.. we just bought a few slices of cake to share.. equally satisfying!

Love u to the max!