i’M 23!! (Part 2) @ Pandan Thai Delight

We are buddies for 10 years di!!!! And every year.. they never stop trying to give me all sorts of surprises. Thankiuk pik qii, lao mao and hu yi~ I know its the three of them who owes do the planning. =)

This year.. we have a simple dinner at Pandan Thai Delight.

The food is awesome.. the table cloth is awesome too! hahahahaha! Burberry alike weiii! Oops. forgot to mention.. this is a bowl of spicy jelly fish!!

which makes lao mao cant stop eating!!

And my favourite Pandan Chicken!! 3 plates is never enuf!

Baby Kailan…! Pik Qii’s favourite~

I never notice that rice can be so cute! remind me of keren. ^^

Green Curry. Beef in action!

Tofu. i din eat those

One of the Thai-must-eat —-> Pineapple rice. I don fancy rice. So its ok. haha!

Everyone is soooooooo busy eating…!

Only i m, still camera concious..

and those who notice my soft n tiny voice saying “look here look here”

No reason for putting this pic up. i like it just simply bcoz i look slim here! hahahahaha!!!!!!!

And some groupie pic of us. Inside

and Outside!

We have our second round at Isabella.

Ben Xiong meet up with us and gave me this. =.= He say it shows that he still think of me when he is outstation. OKKK loh…………! thankiuk nah.. teehehehe!

We mingled a while and decided to just go to yuen ni hus coz the environment at Isabella is not camera friendly. And they arrange 2 different tables for us. haih!

We are playing cards half way when this came in…!

Omg…! The mosquito series!!! *weeeeee* mad love can!

Ignore the money on the table.. look at me!

They always make me laugh when i m blowing the candles.. look so funny neh. its like my mouth cacated. kekekeke!

And when my hand rises.. its time for photo taking!! *weee*


Click Click

Search for the biggest Eye Bag competition! ahhahahahahha!

Xiao Qiang…!! Yuen Ni’s bro.. he was once a lil bro.. but now.. see how tall he is..! =)

And how evil he is…! Hmpf….