i’M 23!! (Part 3) @ The Steak House, Hilton

Finished gym at around 7.30pm when someone tell me to get ready coz we are going to Ken’s birthday at Senso. He said we can grab sth to eat nearby hilton coz its difficult to find a parking there. so we need to go early. ITS A SCAM! i should know that when the security guard remove the wadsoever stand and allow his car to park right in front of Hilton. HMMMM!!!

Suspiciously.. mr.stevo bring me to the SteakHouse. Its Obviously an arrangement when the waiter ask any reservation and suddenly with a very soft voice.. OH.. then lead us to our table. Mr.Steve dint even say a word but I SAW THE EYE SIGNAL HOR!

Suspiciously looking at mr.stevo. When i saw from far a lady carrying a bouquet of pink roses and a cake walking towards our table. YALAH! everything arranged..

And of coz.. am happy lah! *grin*

They sang birthday songs and me cut the cake. =)

My first time there. Service is impressive.

Mr.Stevo and I. So when i ask wad time is ken’s birthday. HE SAY THERE IS NO KEN’S Birthday.. Ken’s birthday is tomorrow at THE JUNK. <— its fake oso.. unfortunately ken is only used as the reason to giv me all the surprises. Poor ken whose bday falls on the same day as mine. kekekeke!

A Fine Dining must-have.


Baguette. I love the one at Italiannies more. but.. see.. got butter! *love love*

Appetizer we have Marinated Salmon with Deep Fried oysters and saffron beurre blanc..

I would say the appetizer is extremely delish! The marinated salmon is appetizing and smooth.. oh.. not to forget.. every slice of the salmon is thick and butterish. Juicy fat oyster and the combination of the mild sourish saffron beurre blanc is jus perfect. Make sure u clean the whole plate coz every mouth worth 10 RM. hahahahahhahaa! Rate : 10/10 No Hesitation!

Soup we have Pacific clam & corn chowder with brunnoise vegetables, corn and clams. Its sweet and “seafood-ish”. Creamy but it lure you to crave for more. Not only that.. there are lotsa clam inside. Oh my oh my! Rate : 8/10

The mains. Chef Recommended : Its a Salmon obviously. Its not in the menu so i have no idea wads the name.

The salmon is tender.. juicy of coz.. i especially like to eat it with the green at the bottom because the combination of the juicy salmon and the crunchiness of the green make my taste buds fly. Chef.. can i know wads the sauce. Heavenly awesome. Its sourish. Rate : 10/10

ANother mains.. Braised Lamb Shank osso bucco on pumpkin risotto and gremolata.  The lamb shank its unfortunately a lil bit overcooked. but i love the risotto. Even ppl like mr.steve who don eat pumpkin is so in love with the pumpkin risotto. Butterish and sweet. Its the second best risotto i have tasted so far. First one is the one at Sofia’ Pizza House, Melbourne.  Rate : 8/10

See.. enjoying the risotto! haha!

As dessert, we have Freshly baked cinnamon apple crumble crowned with lemongrass ice cream and butter vanilla sauce.

The crunch apple slice on top is dainty and toothsome! I love the ice cream.. hmm.. it doesn’t taste like ice cream tho.. more to like sorbet.

Apart from Mr.Stevo. I would like to thank Mr Morgan LayBerry, The operating manager for the arrangement and ideas*. And of coz.. thank you for the cake. We love it.

and i m totally impressed by the excellent customer services of theirs.

And also mr.stevo for the flowers and the effort and sincerity he put in! *love love*

Btw.. keren love the flower. *teehehehe*

Happy sweet 23 burday to me once again!