i’M 23!! (Part 4) @ Kim Bay

My birthday is a Holiday! hahahaha! Wake up at 11sth. oH.. so nice~~ Went to bath and when i go back to my room.. another 5 person is in my room!!!

They actually deal with my parents and sneak into my room for surprises.. Of coz.. in such a short period of time.. i din manage to take pictures.. and somemore everyone is sooo hungry.. we rushed to Kim Bay for lunchie! *weeee*

The culprit…

culprit culprit sekalian and me..

mata sempet coz jus wake up. hohoho!

Oh ya. they even kidnap mr.pudding from my room. huhuhu!

They say Ben xiong look like mr.pudding.

coz they both have big faces. =.=

Our drinks…!

Ginger Chicken rice..

Everyone is hungry preying ah hu’s food….

Some kaya toast i guess.. they forgot to giv me the receipt so i duno the name of the food and the prices. sobx

Yuen ni’s beef noodle soup~

Lao Mao’s tofu spaghetti!

My prawn Pasta~

Pik Qii’s not so delicious rice.. according to her. hahaa!

and dim sum to share!!!

the late comers. Beef balls *me love* and Ham shui kok *pikk qii’s love* kakakaka!

Total Damage : RM 94.80!!