i’M 23!! (Part 5) @ The Junk

Here i ammmmm!! Manage to select 81 pictures to post here. Others u may have to refer to facebook. *kekeke*

It was a mind-blowing birthday party for me! It was a blast! I love u all.. To bao bao who plan this.. the supporting darlings, Annna, Ahlost, Gladys, Gordon and Johnston.. They woke up 7am in the morning to shop for the decorating stuff.. doing some crafts, cutting stuff.. sewing stuff.. from head to toe.. they manage it all by themselves.. somemore its during a public holiday! they giv it all to me! oh my… *deep hugs*

Of coz.. am extremely touched to see those who are able to make it.. Frankie, Eva, Mike. Tmot, Ting, Chenky.. and i m surprised to see my level up darlings there too!!! U guys are awesome!!! Thankiuk sooo much.. Adrienne, Jacq, Justina, Alex, Babara, Yenni..

It was a SURPRISE. a VERY successful one…..!! and a very impressive one..! Oh.. i m speechlesss! I felt loved! *grin*

The ambiance is cozing and romantic.. its romantic trust me.. jus that duno why all the pictures taken is very bright. kekeke!

The love wishes they gave me.. dangling.

And i have the most wonderful cake….! At least to me.. its the best.

Its keren!

How can he try to choke this cute thing right? don understand. hmmm!

The innocent eyes and a small cherry on top of the head! *love*

But still.. its soft when i stabbed it. HOHOHO!

Food doesn’t really matter at tis time.. but still.. thanks to stevo who served the guests well with all the delicious food. teeehehehe! i hope they love it.

We have pizzas…

lamb shank

Grilled Chicken

FIshermen catch

Sugarcane Chicken

and my favourite of all.. Carbonara.. with sexy model. hahaha!

and of coz.. all the awesome ppl with me. How could this possibly happen without all of u!

*pats pats*

Ahlost is soooo cute!!

Pictures capture every moment of love and happiness.. so the moral of the story is.. we need to take more pictures!! *nyek*

One group photo is never enuf!!

we will have 2..





endless…! until the battery is flat!

After groupie.. Its solo time! hahaha!

First of all to the …..

Main culprit!




I saw sth!

Mike~ Try to imitate my style but… failed hor!




My tuan.. JF.. another Tuan Paul paul din come. sobx!




Yennni.. the sexy mama!



Rose!! Bunga mawar~


Wad is chi hua hua doing?!

Oh.. she wan the sachs oso! *kekeke*

come come mari mari

Butt kiss..! *okay.. sounds so wrong. kekeke*

And one thing about gordon aka mr.wombok.. U knot feed him til he’s fulll Because..

He will get hyper active when his tummy is filled!


so u have to let him solo for a while..

but still.. no cure di. *piak*

and this “Gordon virus” spread too..

to someone who is close to Gordon…


After solo pictures.. its time to give me pressie!

*woooots* YB style!


Since i m the Birthday QUEEN for ONE day…


My Tuan allowed me to exchange identity with me!

*weeeee* means i m the puan and he is my hamba for one day!!

But til the end..

still end up with my maria identity. *sobx*

and he even got a new FAtimah.

The last part was to eat the cake!

*Keren sensed danger*

OH NO kerennnn~

They are removing ur ears..

Earless keren but still.. MAD CUTE!

I m looking at keren to dibelah into two..

ohhh…. sooo sad… huhuhuhu!

But.. its delicious. *kekeke*

I hope everyone is full… and happy…

at least i know they are! *teeehehehe*

Happpppie bday to me again!!!!!!

There’s a piece of Gold inside. Trust me.