It’s Chenky’s Bday!! (Part 1)

Happy 24th to Chenky Chenky Chenky!!!!

4th of December marked the day our Chenky turns 24!! i hope he had a good time..! ^^

Oh well.. this tauke is so busy til he nidda work overtime til late night so we surprised him there.. *.*

So as you can see.. 10 of us sqqquuueze in Chenky’s office.. and there are a lot of THINGS to play in his office.. next time must pay a visit again.. *nyek nyek*

Gordon started to play the “wo ai tai mei” songs before Chenky start his action! woots! Gordon!! caught u dancing eh!! premium memang premium!! i m so HONOURED!!

Chenky Making his WiSHESSS!! I bet theres something to do with the lady at KL.. *nyek*

He doesnt look like he is 24 at all hor..

Here’s some VIDEOS!! enjoy ppl!

And the aftermath….!

wauakaka!! once again..!! Happpppie 24th to CHENKY!!!!!!!!!