Lao Mao’s 23th @ Delizze, Kuching

Its my first time to Delizze, Located at Premier 101, Kuching.. Its somewhat like a bakery cum restaurant.. And.. one of lao mao’s fav place so we decided to celebrate her 23th bday there..

The early birds…. Chia shin.. *nguak nguak nguak*

and me and me… *grin*

We were placed on the 1st floor of the restaurant.. Well.. pretty nice right?

And when everyone is here.. we are already almost starved to death… so a lil “dessert” to fill up our tummy.. ^^

HoHoHoho! Happie bday once again!! *muaaahhh*

and the food….?

Soup of the Day…

and for today.. we had carrot soup. *yum*

Yuen ni had this Marinara Pizza for sharing… RM 19.50

oh.. look at the ozzing parmesan and mozzarella cheese!! don u just love it?? and the Giant prawn with all spices…. *happie*

Carbonara Pasta.. Rm 14.50. I heard its creamy… but have no idea.. perhaps.. i’ll try and giv u my comment next time. =)

Sirloin Steak RM 29.50.. For me.. so so only. =) but the carrot is a blast.

Thai Beef noodle soup… RM 9.90… From a friend.. he said… Not that good

Roasted Chicken.. RM 15.50… *a smile will do*

Traditional Chicken Chop. RM 12.50

Well.. i would say that…. the main purpose is not about the food… but the quality is ok with the price range… afterall.. its the time being to gether that matters. =)

Oh.. anyway… the dessert is good. Truffle chocolate cake. RM 7.90

Oh.. btw… have to introduce the guests for the day…

Shin~ the cheerful one

Pikk Qiii… the important one..but she look so tired neh

Yuen Ni… owes looking good

Suk wee… miss skinny

Carol n HK

Me… the chicken pox chabo. T.T

Lamby.. the Late one..

Gillian.. the one who rushed all the way after meeting…

And the Groupie pic!! *nyek nyek*

*more funny n random pics in fb*