My 22nd Birthday

I KNOW IT WAS LATE.. hehehe!! Well.. i just post up some summary of it then only i blog about each restaurant when i m free k?? wuakakakaka!! 22nd burdays are awesome for me.. i got lotsa loves one celebrating with me and it was my first time celebrating with my Dar and my gang!! teeeeehehehehe!! But hor.. one thing not good about my burday is that… i got swollen eye.. haih.. MEANS…i don have nice picture loh.. knot make up nice nice.. haih! KOLIEN..

So the first day i celebrate with my darling pet xinyi and grace.. muahaha! JK nia la hor.. i duno why but whenever i was with them.. we can gossip a lot!!! hehe..

We went to KAdo and i had fun toking and gossiping..kekeke! Thankiuk darlings!! and one thing we have in common.. we super love to camwhore.. same species nah! huhu!

Gracie!! Huhu!! she rush all the way for the lunch! *hugs*

Xin Yi!! kekeke!!! women in love are always so beautiful.. hor? hor? hor?

kekeke!! lalalalala.. knt post up too much pic coz later when i post about kado food then no pic of us ki.. lala!

At that particular night..  the gang celebrate with me at Magenta!! Thankiuk guys!! Thankiuk to Ah tim, ah Ting, EVe, Annna, Chenky, Pui Joo, Gordon and Dar!! love the place, love the food, love the present, love u guys more!

We owes love the group picha.. arent we?! i haven got the picha so knot blog nah. sobx

For more.. visit the very nice post of my burday at Tim’s Blog!

And the very next dAY… thats when my eyes got ahem ahem.. ok.. don wan mention liao.. that evening was suppose to celebrate with my dar.. who noes it turn out like that… but it was my first burday with him so nge nge i oso must celebrate no matter wad.. kaka! My burday was full of surprises… he surprised me with the present.. which i will reveal soon next time… and he even surprise me with the location… i owes wanted to go Cavery and he booked a table there!! i m so so so shocked u know.. *hugs* he owes noes me..!

oh.. ignore my eyes.. hehe.. swollen ma.. so din take much pic.. but he can! hehe

We spent lotsa time talking to each other.. exploring the very excellent food served.. and although i cant take much pictures.. but still.. we enjoy the time being together.. *love love*

on that very night.. when i get home.. i was kinda feeling weird why the door isnt lock and my dupy is not i went in the living room and take my keys.. and so in sudden.. LAO MAO appear RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.. OMG!! i tell u.. i really heart fainted lah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lao mao!! u really scare me hor.. and then my sistas pik qii, yuen ni and… ben xiong.. kakaka.. come out with a birthday cake and some poppies.. HOHOHO!!!!

They owes give me lotsa surprise.. every year never missed.. and i owes got surprised by them.. Anyway.. they are owes my best friends!!! *hugsss* and my mama and dar… *hmpf* pakat with them one!!!!!

On the actual day.. oh.. before i start.. happie burday to ken oso!! his burday is exactly the same day as me.. but 3 years earlier. hahaha! So… during the actual day.. i celebrate my burday with my dearest mummy and daddy..and dar of coz.. we had seafoood!!! yeahhhhh!!! and again!! my parents surprised me with a homemade greenie cake!! hahaha!!! i like Green they know.. but earlier on my mummy leak the info so… lalalalalla!!!! i knew it earlier liao!!!!!! HAAHAHA!!!

Thankiuk papa mama!! having both of u is the blessings from Lord. =) *love*i think i have a perfect family and family members… i m such a lucky girl!

And the next day.. my sistas and all my close friends celebrate with me at Memories.. oh! i m having a lot of good times becoz they camwhore a lot! kakakakakak!!!

Got Pik Qii.. sure banyak take picture!! i Like it VERY MUCH HOR!!! *lai.. pik qii hug hug!.. keren lu lu*

And who else.. my super ji mui lao mao!!!! the tauke nio Yuen Ni.. and the future tauke AH yong.. (the bf).. Sexy Lips Ah HU.. big face Ben Xiong… Lamby the lamb!… Alex the very long time no see.. so nice u come hor!.. and Hee kheng.. the owes very nice fren of us…

and dar la. teehehe!

And my another burday cake from them!! so nice..!!! i keep laughing when i saw it! so cute bah!! and the cake.. woots! super delicious.. its from GingerBread House!

happie 22nd birthday to ahyien!! *thankiuk thankiuk* muahaha

Yeah.. i had a very blessed birthday this year.. and thanks to everyone!! i m so touched… not finished yet.. i went to KL and my bro say he wanna celebrate with me..!! what a good brother i had!! i told u i have a very loving family!! love u lun! love u bibi!! kekeke!!!

He bought me expensive present to be reveal later.. and he bring me to TGI Fridays for an expensive meal.. i very sim tia la actually!! kaka.. but my first time to TGI… NICE!!

ME!!! happily waiting for my Food..

and My Bro… owes so happy being with him.. separation is terrible i tell u!! when he first go to KL and study.. i cry til my tears dried up! HUhuHuhu!!!

After the dinner.. we wanted to watch eden lake but it was too late so we ended up go shopping for groceries before go back loh!!

and this is wad we have got for our supper! keke!

and next?? online with mummy and daddy!! HUHUHU!!!