Nosh, Kuching


20140227_141451_resized_eAnother outdated post from last month. Hehehe. One of my favourite restaurant in Kuching, Nosh. Previously was known as Mr.Ho Fine Food. Ring a bell? Just look at the frequency i went there in a year’s time and you will know how much i love the place. Hehehehe!

20140227_142131_resizedIt was my birthday lunch post again! Nosh!! Thankiuk my favourite mingling group for celebrating with me. I always have never ending topics with them so i named them the favourite gossiping mingling group. hehehe!

20140227_131149_resizedA must for every visit. Warm bacon salad!!!

20140227_130911_resizedAnd a 200g roasted pork! Love every inch of them. *slurps*

20140227_132450_resizedWe have the signature prawn aglio olio for sharing…

20140227_133444_resizedAnd also my new found love. Sausages served with red onion gravy. I think it will be in my must order for now onwards. Hehehe

20140227_142122_resizedAnother lovely tiramisu to end the perfect lunch date.

20140227_143014_resized_eThank you again. Love u deep deep <3

Oh… not done yet.. since it was also in Nosh Kuching.. i will just post it here nah. in the same post. hehehehe! It was valentines day… Oh well, company valentines day. Hehehe! Thankiuk handsome boss again for the valentines aka chap goh meh lunch <3

1939673_10151847104811829_353841236_nIt was valentines day, i thought i was clever enough to pre-book the meal… BUT… ended up we waited for almost 2 hours for our food as well. Those came later than us have their food served even before our pre-book dishes. Sadness.

20140214_124031_resizedAnyway… Caesar Salad.. Of coz i have my warm bacon salad as well but  maybe too hungry… shaking hands and blur pic. hehee

20140214_125734_resizedAglio Olio..

20140214_130036_resizedPesto with bacon. The portion is extremely small during special occasion

20140214_134350_resizedChicken Chop

20140214_132552_resizedSignature Fried Rice. The portion is extremely small as well during special occasion

20140214_134600_resizedFamily Platter.. Small size.. enough for 7 of us though

20140214_135056_resizedAnd the day i discovered the magic of sausages with red onion gravy. Slurps!

20140214_140301_resizedOur Lunch ended at 2.30pm because of the slow service.. uhuhuhu! i guess its not a good idea to go on special occasion. Huhuhuhu!!!! Happy dessert to end the lovely lunch 🙂