October Babe

Count down to 4 of October, today is Pik qii bday! Happie 21st birthday pik qiii~~ 

Lao Mao and i planned some surprises for her.. We went to her house at 12am sharp just to wish her happie birthday! haha.. But before that, we have all our tools ready!! 

First will be this box of present! haha! see the LOCK?? yup!! The present is locked. =) *grin*

We reached her house at 12am parking at a few houses away from hers.. SHOOT! the day is windy and the candles do not want to light up… the only thing we can do it to light it up behind lao mao’s figure.. and OOps.. i burned my fingers.. *sobx* i certainly have NO potential to be smokers eh? hahaha! 

Ok.. we are the culprit! haha!! OUR eyes look so FUNNY!! blame the DSLR flash! =(

She is still protecting the cake..!

Actually we wanted to sneak in the house compound but the gate was lock!! argh.. at this time… who doesnt rite? haha! fine.. =.=”

Here’s our bday girl!! Happie 21st bday to pikkk qqqqiii!! *hugs*

HUHU! lao mao din sent her pic for me.. so i only got mine. =(

ANd guess where is the KEY to the Box of present? hahaha! yup! ya right!! Its IN THE CAKE!! hahahaa!

Time for the unlocking!

Guess whats inside? haha.. not revealing it nah! *blueks*

Lastly.. camwhore time!! 

And thats all for today! Stay tune for more tomolo!! *hehe* 

Nite everyone.. and.. HAppIe BirtHday agaIn to Pikk QII! =D