Planet Sambal!

Muahahahahaha!! ahlost is not the last one to update this!!

After a long plan planned by tmot… we decided to give a surprise party to ting for her birthday count down..! We choose Planet Sambal bcoz all of us never been there yet except chi hua hua. Wuahahaha!

Guess wad! almost 16 of us turn out!! not bad hor!! so long haven been going out with such a big group liao! teehehehe!! Among all the ppl… we have…

Chenky! Johnston and Gordon! Woots! look at chenky’s expression. =.=”

Pazuzu, Frankie, Edwinnnnahh, Darrel, EVey, and Gladddys

Dar, Chenky and Gor

Dar, super hard to take her pic de ahlost ling, and another keep hiding de pui joo.. huhuhuh!

Pazuzu, Jf, Frankie! hehe.. pazuzu am cio~

And also Tmot!!! huhuhuh! aaawww~~

Not forgetting the birthday lady!! ah ting!! *hugs hugs hugs hugs*

okay.. chenky again.. teehehe!! such a poser hor.. thats y got so many pics.. muahaha! no la no la.. so long din see him la actually. lalalalala! *cross finger*

Oh.. me love this pic! my Cutest C.H.H !! can have lotsa imaginary conversation! muahahahah!

Groupie picha!! oh! me love! When was the last time we have such group pic.. huhuhu! I m lovin it! OOps! edwinnnah and frankie duno go wheer scandle.. kakakak

Teehehehe! here u go.. the proper one! *without evey the cameragirl* sobx

On her birthday nite.. we went to kado for dinner. huhuhuhu!

weelll.. its always so hard trying to CAMWHORE!

u see u see… got cups.. fork.. camera pouch.. and  even food!! ahhh!!! whole night i have been trying to HARD to camwhore ahhh!! ah ah ah! those hAND AH!

U see u see!! *cubits*

huhuhu!.. this is the best i can get liao… kolien de me..

HAPPIE 26th ah Ting!!! *muacks muacks* most of the pic is at steve’s cam so…. =)

*hugs hugs*