Portico Restaurant & Bar, Kuching

Happy Birthday to Me again!

20140226_134448_resized_1_eHehehe! It was my 18th birthday LAST month 26th February. Had a great time this year. Full of blessing and happiness.. and also a lot of food. hehehe!! Thanks to my handsome boss for suggesting a birthday lunch for me. *appreciate it nei*

So we settled down at Portico during our lunch time… One of the favourite place for our company’s event. Location was good for us. Food was good.. ambience was just great for us. 🙂

20140226_123707_resized_1Birthday exemption..! Paulaner. Hohoho! As usual only for me, rudy and sam. *slurps*

We had Smoked Duck salad as the appetizer.. One of the very very recommended dish in Portico. 

20140226_125916_resized_1Look at the generous amount of the smoked duck slices. Been there when it was just open and the portion never reduce. Slurps. Definitely worth a try 😀

20140226_125955_resized_1Carbonara for the carbo. People who love it gonna love it 🙂

20140226_130920_resized_1Chicken Chop.


20140226_130749_resized_1And my rib eye

Thankful enough.. or i should thank Rudy because he knows the boss here. They prepared a chocolate mousse for me. 

20140226_134512_resized_1Wuahahaha. It was SO good. 

Love the time when we are together. So much fun and laughters. It marked another happy moment for my 18th birthday.

20140226_134305_resized_1_eGroupie.. Thanks a lot everyone.

20140226_134312_resized_1_eSo much love. Muahs!