Rising Ramen, Kuching

It has been the longest time since i celebrated friend’s birthday. And theres this afternoon when Lao Mao the birthday girl aka my close sista since secondary school is free for lunch. And for her birthday. Thankiuk Cecil for treating us lunch. The company counts more than the food!

DSC04949-horzHappy Birthday Lo Ngiao!!!! *screaaaaam*

She said she want Rising Ramen. So we went there. Its definitely my first time there. I dont even know where the place is. Huhuhuhu. My food dictionary aka my food hunting partner is not with me T.T  .. so i am so food-directionless recently. Huhuhu! Anyway… Rising Ramen is located at Jalan Song area. To be more precise, same row as Starbucks Jln Song, just behind Watson. 

DSC04974You can easily spot it after a turn at Watson. Hmmm.. I am not going to make any comment about ramen here because my tastebud is spoilt. Very spoilt. All the good things are in Japan. So no comment about the ramen in Kuching. But i would say, In Kuching, they have pretty nice soup base. And the price is definitely worth it for the goodness.

DSC04956The menu is very simple. 

DSC04959Start off with a warm Japanese Green Tea

And my weird thinking of avoiding disappointment, i ordered Chicken Katsudon. Hahahaha!!! And i regretted. *cry* 


Birthday Girl Lao Mao ordered the Rising Ramen Special. I like it though. Soup is thick and flavorful. *recommended*DSC04963 Cecil ordered Spicy Ramen. 🙂


Apart from the mains, we did order some sides. RM5.00 each. 

DSC04966Fried Chicken. 

DSC04969Tamago *hmmmm…..*

DSC04967Kimchi *double hmmmm…*

DSC04972_pOverall comment, ramen is nice. Order the ramen 🙂 And… ya.. order the ramen. *oh nom nom nom nom*


DSC04957_pAnd… because my front camera for my phone cracked, i haven have any selfie for months… and to my horror, I gain weight… OBVIOUSLY IN THIS PIC. I gain weight omgfmllookatmyfaceorisitabadhairdayfastfastfindexcuses even through the 45 degree angle of selfie… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!