September/October Babies!

HUHUHU! these are all outstanding posts..

29 September 2009.. when our Gracie turned 22!! This year she had a simple lunch with us and a romantic and grand one with her darling.. i know! MUAHAHA!

We dine in Mr.Ho Fine Food..

We had Salad as our appetizer for the day..

and teresa had her onion soup.. ^^ Me love the onion soup!

Aglio Olio With Roasted Pork Belly…!! wooots!! love this so much!! altho its a lil bit spicy. *nyek nyek*

Darling Xin Yi…!

And ME…!

Teresa had Spare Pork RIbs curry with RIce.. i dint try this one but she say its nice

Face full of satisfaction hor!

And To our half-faced Birthday Gurl…!

GRACE!!! *muacks* Happie bday sweet!

And her fish n chip.. i dint try that oso.. but.. it look a bit dry hor… Huhuhu! duno nah!

And the dessert of the day… Bread n Pudding..! Its very addictive! Beware!

Oh.. not forgetting our drinks.. SarSaparilla.. Well.. its out of stock for now. T.T

On the 2nd October.. We give ah hu a suprise count down at Friendship park… i oso duno why go there la… only follow the majority. hehe!

With my messy hair.. hahaha! can see my “just-woke-up” face?

They r testing the fireworks thing..! and.. i duno how to describe liao. hahaha!

but anyway… Happie Bday to Ah HU!

JUst 2 days later… its comes Pik Qii’s big day… She owes like to say she is still 21 yrs old.. but after that day.. no reason for her di!

We had a surprise count down on the 3rd Oct.. which is mooncake fest nah…!

and for the next day.. we headed to Frenz Cafe to dine..!

Happie bday Pik Qii.. have a blessed one..!

I like the cake!! cute right?!

ANd oso the piggy.. hahaha!!

All of us! Glad that she love the present! *hugs*