Steve’s 24th

Due to the heavy loaded assignments and infunctional wireless network and home.. i can only update the blog now.. keke! 

So its Steve’s 24th birthday last saturday. We went to his school reunion dinner for the early part before we celebrate with him…

Food was catered by Li Garden.. too bad there is no peking duck but overall the food is nice. ^^

Tickets!! and guess what.. we actually got the last lucky draw price! *nyek nyek*

They have got this very special and funky teacher who keep on “jio” people to yam seng with him..! *cute*

and next.. here comes the bday boy MAN.. ^^

and he is officially 24 liao.. 

and the basic prank that every bday’s has..


Happie 24th bday again steve!!! Hope u enjoy ur bday horrr!

and.. guess what? teehehehe!