T-W-E-N-T-Y T-H-R-E-E!!!

26.02.2010 marked the 23rd year of me living in this world! *teeehehehe* Oh my.. time flies.. and i can feel that i m ageing slowly… and one of the evidence is.. i m here blogging at 7.04am in the morning.. on ONE fine NON WORKING days.. How can?? Before 23.. if i m online at this time.. most probably 100% is like i haven been sleeping for the whole night.. rather than like now.. sleep and woke up at 6am.. edit picha and update my blog at 7.04am. HoHoHoho!

Anyway… 23 years old.. No achievements yet so far. Hohoho! I don have a “mountain” of money yet.. I haven really live a life i wanted to.. i m not doing the job i love.. well.. no choice.. money and salary come first.. I haven accomplish my mission although i have been working for quite long di.. coz.. daddy die die also don want to renew his passport. Haih! seee.. how pity i am.. Nothing accomplished at the age of 23!

However.. think of the positive side… i m able to live until the age of 23. God Bless. My family members are all extremely healthy and i bet they r happy. God Bless Doubled! I have bunches of loving friends who care about me.. God Bless doubled plus one! My bro is graduating this year.. doing very well.. God Bless and Bless! I have a cute bao! God bless and bless and bless… So.. What more do i want? I m a happy 23 years old lady.. and sometimes evil bcoz i m going to bug my parents from their sweet dreams and ask them to go breakfast with me! HOHOHOHO!

Ok.. i sound very loso here.. OMG! Why am i writing this at the first place! sounds so OLD! SEEE.. i m ageing!!! Huhuhuhu… T.T

I m suppose to write about my birthday celebration one u know!