Their 1st Attempt to TWO BANANAS

Yup.. its their first attempt to The Two Banana that SUnday and its my 3rd. haha! Oh well.. i m kinda busy in my uni life now and i m overloaded with assignments.. so guess what.. here’s some food post to compliment me and to leisure you.. muahaha! *enjoy*

I went to Two Banana again this time with my sistas.. Pik qii, lao mao and lamby.. hohoho! Well.. what can i say? the drinks there are not really ready so they have some temporary simple drinks only. However, the food there were nice so far.. at least its special and different from others. thats wad we want isnt it? the workers there were all very nice and friendly but a lil bit blur.. but still they are friendly.. which is good. =)

These were the Food we ordered..

The specialty tauhu.. omg! i just forgot wads the name suddenly!! argh! start with M if not mistaken. hoho! Its yummy! and its got century eggies inside! how special rite? *hohoho*

Next up will be pik qii’s vietnamease lamb with rice. oh!! i just love it! i try the noodles version b4… but i think its perfect with rice. hehehe!! milky mild spicy taste! huhuhu! ppl who loves lamb, milk and santan smell will owes heart this.

Lao mao’s sweet and SOUR fish fillet.. yes.. its a little sweet and a lot of sour-ness. ^^

Lamby’s honey chicken salad. Omg!! this is a salad?? its better with rice! but still.. thumbs up!! i love this very very very very very much! hohohohoho!

And our shared salad prawn. Oh.. the prawn is getting smaller compared to the previous time me and fabby ordered. huhu.. duno why.. looks different too.. last time was better certainly.

And oso… today is Jimmy‘s birthday!!!

Happie 26th Birthday Jimmy!!

I cant attend ur bday dinner as i got work la.. soweee wor.. but hope u like the pressie from us. ^^ *happie happie bday once again!*