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Happie 21st to Lao mao!!!!!

HaPpie 21st birthday to Lao Mao! today hmm.. 4th of August is the official day she turns to 21st! wooohoho! Sama sama now liao. hahahahaha! No more saying herself still 20 liao la.. hehehe!!! This year.. she throw a birthday party at her house… and BBQ.. Omg!! Happie! can eat a lot. haha! Everyone arrive […]

Lao Mao Bday Eve! ^^

Oh.. okok.. i know its has been a delay to post on lao mao’s birthday which falls on the 4th of August.. which is like.. hmm.. hmm.. one week ago. hahaha! sorry la.. mUahahahaha! Coz i Plan to collect all the pictures then i will get to post on the birthday eve and the birthday […]

Happie Burday — LUN

Happie burday to u.. Happie burday to u.. Happie burday to JiaLun.. Happie burday to u.. Today is 6 July 2008 which is the burday of my only brother.. weeekekeke!! HAPPY 20TH BURDAY ^JIALUN^ Surely u enjoyed your burday celebration a lot hor.. nah.. here’s a little cup cake for u.. It’s a picture of  […]

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