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Lao Mao’s Pre-bday!

The day before lao mao’s birthday.. we went to yuen ni house for the fake damai trip plan….! and so as usual… people said the older you get, the wiser you will be.. well.. it doesnt seems to apply on her bcoz she got cheated every year. *muaahahaha* The happie going to be cheated mao~ […]

These days..

I werent in a very good situation now. Kinda confused and.. i duno wad to do.. I lose my temper easily.. i don like this at all but things just werent seemed right. Making a decision is hard. But having everyone to APPROVE your decision is even HARDER. I thought i could figure out sometime […]

Preparation for CHH’s

The crew for the birthday dinner. *Nyek nyek nyek* We gather gather at Gladys house one fine Sunday.. and start doing everything tat we needed.. The theme for the Birthday Dinner is ORIGAMI.. so basically everyone have to come out with their own origami.. and as u know.. lotsa guys don do origami.. so.. Gladys […]

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