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Before 30!

So this is the last month of 2015, how time flies! I’ll be 29 next year and 30 at 2017!!! One more year to go… We always have our own wishlist like things to do before 30 or things to accomplished before 30.. So what’s yours? For me, I’m easier.. I’m a wanderlust as you […]

For some reasons, I know I need to post something..

For some reasons, I need to post something… Firstly, readership drop like 30% because of my laziness and lack of updates for this 2 months. However, still very happy for those who continue reading. Much love! Secondly, projects getting lesser because of the same reason. Hahahaha. Projects less = Income less.  Thirdly, piles of overdue […]

Back to Blog!

Hello Hello Hello! Forgive my random MIA for a month! Got a bit work and travel to do.. anyway! Hello!! Im back from Bangkok! I know I have 6 travelogues pending. I will TRY my best to not get distracted and lazy. Hehe!

Hello to March

Hello… greetings from 2271 km away from Kuching. This one week break has been awesome… I am feeling a lot better now… With some me time.. with a lot of companions… good moments with a trusted friend… Well, life goes on. I always love travelling because i return fresh. Life is always beautiful. Muahahaha…  

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