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MBO : 3D Movies

Last Sunday afternoon.. i went to MBO to buy tickets for the Singaporean movie “Where Got Ghost” at 8pm. Guess what.. its fully booked.. Just now in the afternoon again… i went to Spring and intended to buy the tickets for the same movie at 8pm… Holly Shit.. its fully booked again!!! left 6 seats […]

MBO Cinema, Kuching

MBO Cinema is in Kuching! The Spring Second Floor!! I bet most of you have already knew about it! And well… I am the 155 person to fill up the membership form.. ahlost is the 154th ah lost say hers is 156th! huhuhu.. Muahaha! The story is like that… yesterday.. my colleague and i have […]

JJ Sixology Charity Concert

I know, it must be shocking. I never attend ANY concert before and now i went to JJ’s. Surprising?! Well, i doesnt mean that attending concerts is bad or what-so-ever, i m just clarifying that i m not the kind of lady who will fancy on concerts and celebrities. Gosh! i just gib my first […]

Xin Yi’s Bday @ Silhouette!

Yup.. 29 August 2008 makes my dearest Xin Yi turns 21!! MUAHAHA! now same same 21 years old liao la.. We chose to celebrate at Silhouette becoz we all never went there and the place look nice. hehe! so.. yup.. its correct.. That day was our first attempt there! thankiuk xin yi! *muaxx* Silhouette.. don […]

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