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Happy Birthday to Me

I dint blog about CNY.. i dint blog about anniversay.. i dint blog about valentines.. so i guess i should write something during my birthday.. which is today! hehehehe!!! Yay! Happy Birthday to me!! muahs muahs. I love myself.. Muahahhaa! still sorting out pictires so i guess.. just one pic for now nah. kekeke


11.12.13 What a nice date.. Cant help it but i have to post something today! Hehehehe! Just came back from Sibu… Sorry if i don have the time to reply you or hang out.. i am extremely occupied with my heavy workload.. Busy busy busy busy.. and by the time i reach home.. ill be […]

I love to …

I love to….. 1.) Take picture of my food 2.) Take picture of myself 3.) Take picture of others 4.) Take picture of myself with others But nothing can beat.. 5.) Others taking picture of me. Muahahahaha! I know nah.. very wu liao.. i knot sleep mar.. huhuhu.. was currently Blogging using my note2 under […]

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