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Melbourne : Day Tour in the Winter

Melbourne (23.8.2012) – Too many photos to filter. We signed up for a day tour around the outskirt on the 6th day of our Melbourne trip. Chocolate Factory. Mama’s favourite! Koala Conservation Center. Lotsa cute Koalas! Winery & Wine Tasting And The Noobies. Spectacular view! 4 places took us the whole day. Exhausted but worth […]

New Layout

Finally after 5 years, New theme New Layout. My June/2008 to June/2013 layout for my bloggie.  Decided to change it because:  1.) The face doesnt look like me anymore. haha 2.) The categories are so messy (still sorting out the old ones) 3.) The Layout look a lil bit outdated jor 4.) Need something new […]

Pembroke Welsh Corgi VS Doberman

Pause a while for my bangkok final day. The 342 photos are giving me a headache. Huhuhu. Anyway.. this is my favourite puppy.. for now. hahaha. Pembroke Welsh Corgi.. And this is Bun’s fav.. Doberman.. I hope both of them can be good friends.. right?

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