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Me result! *happie*

Actually i knew my result few days back but i waited for the result slip to make it better looking. haha! Yes.. I was at Hilton during the result published and thankie to dearest Leonard for calling me and surprised me with that.. After i knew the result is published.. hoho! make me nervous the […]

First time Tagged!

Yup Yup.. As this blog is really new.. this time will be the first time i got tagged.. ^^ *hehe* This tag is tagged by my darling Xin yi!! ? *muax* Name 10 people to do this survey! Answer these question honestly.. Tagged: 1. Lao Mao 2. Eko aka Jiu ai 3. Serene 4. Kim […]


weehehe! i just reached kuching not long ago.. Well.. for some famous ppl.. maybe reaching the hits of 1000 wasnt a big deal.. but for me.. hehe!! i am so happie!! *hugs hugs for ppl who read my bloggie* My blog is established at the 23 of June and now is like 15 of july.. […]

Just a little sip of me..

People tend to say that if you are sad, you can write good stuff.. but is it true? I am not sure.. but i believed that when you are sad, you can write a lot.. a lot more than when you are happie. I guess its just a human nature because when you are sad, […]

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