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Tomorrow will be better

There are days where everything doesn’t seems right on track. Or most probably the way we handle things or the rationality or even the sense of crisis was not there. Gloomy days, how often do we blame on the weather, blame on the situation or even blame on others of the screwed up things instead […]

Dupy, im worried

Dupy you ok ma? 2nd August 2013.  Today is honestly weird. Very weird. Since 1st August when i woke up. I feel weird. Talk about it later. Dupy always had nightmares or i should say she always dream… A lot. Sometimes in the middle of the night or even afternoon time.. She will have nightmares […]

A Pisces and her Bear

Overall, i think most of the pisces are emotional. Girls especially. Thats y pisces should have a bear plush beside her.  Pisces are emotional & sensitive. They have a lot of things in mind. But not everyone can understand it. Pisces tends to want to share her everything to you. Pisces tends to complain to […]

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