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Day 19 : Need a direction

Siens! Its beginning of May already. Nothing gets better and i am not sure what my direction is now. Thank You for all who cares. Received a comment from Ming and it really makes me think. 🙂 I think i do not know what direction i m in or i want currently. You ask me […]

Day 5 : I’m an idoit

Emo moment when you found out something very hurtful, and triple times hurtful when u discovered that actually your close friends around you all knew about it and you were the last to know; making you look like an idoit. Hurt x 3 Starting to hide yourself in a different crowd that have no connection […]


im sad.. im very upset.. im angry.. i felt so helpless.. i wanna cry out loud.. really loud…. Do u have any method or resolution to distress? Or any method that works for u to make u feel better? =( or can u jus talk to me………

Reckless Driver

The problem with Kuching drivers is either they drive tooo fast or they drive way tooo slow. Heipi (stevo’s doggy) got hit by a Reckless driver in a sedan car. But luckily he is alright. jus the leg. =( I think its probably some bitchy lady driver who obviously duno how to DRIVE properly or […]

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