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Happy Mooncake Festival 2014

Happy Mooncake Festival to Everyone <3 How did you spend your Mooncake Festival this year? I miss lanterns, I miss fireworks, I miss having a small table at the car porch area and admire the moonlight. This year, I had a very simple one. None of those above, just spending time with the family and […]

What to eat at Kuching Fest 2014?

The continuation of Kuching Festival 2014…  After the preview of the stalls in Kuching Festival yesterday, now it would now be the food list. What to eat at Kuching Fest 2014? There are so many choices of food, ranging from the popular one to the creative one.. so what to eat? What is the must […]

Kuching Festival 2014

Kuching Festival is one of the culture and local festival that people in Kuching will look forward to. Its like a food fair but its not only open for the food vendors but also anyone who is interested to share and sell their own recipe. So it also means that some of the food is […]

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