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Kaohsiung Travel Guide 1 : Liuhe Night Market 六合夜市,Taiwanese Restaurant Mai Yan Shun 卖盐顺台菜馆,Love River 爱河, Mei Li Dao Station 美丽岛站

And from Chia Yi we proceed to our last city of our Taiwan Trip – Kaohsiung City! We had very limited time at Kaohsiung but we manage to squueze in everything we wanted to visit. And this is how my bag look like carrying two of my babies while travelling. First destination after we checked […]

Tainan Travel Guide 3 : Garden Night Market, Blueprint Cultural and Creative Park, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Pujei Bakery 花园夜市,蓝晒图文创园区,新光三越,葡吉食品蛋糕

If you haven read my previous posts, here’s the link: Tainan Must Eat Tainan Travel Guide : Anping Old Street, WuSheng Night Market It was a free and easy day for us, no particular itinerary so decided to sleep until we were happy and walk to the local recommended breakfast shop to have the famous […]

Tainan Travel Guide 1 : Tainan Must Eat @ Guo Hua Food Street and Nearby

I will be dividing Tainan Travel Guide into 3 parts : (1) Tainan Must Eat at the utmost famous Guo Hua Street, (2) Where we went on the second day + night market and (3) Exploring Tainan city area + night market. It basically covers the most of Tainan if you are aiming for a […]

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