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TaiChung Must Eat : Da Feng Braised Layered Pork Rice 大豐爌肉飯

I know I know, I am rushing my ass off to finish all the Taiwan post if not I’ll be lazy after a while… So 3 more Taiwan posts from me. Hope it wont bored you guys. Kekekekeke!  拉了好久,台中篇差不多要到一段落了。还有三篇!三篇!希望不会把你们给闷到咯! Not as fruitful as Taipei, I don’t get impressed by most of the food there.. I’ve […]

Melbourne : DonDon Japanese, Ayiguli, Mekong Restaurant, Max Brenner, Melbourne Central

Do expect a lot of post during weekends because.. weekend is staying at home with ahzui. 🙁 Staying home = plenty time to spare = blog  Dig out my old photos and start post things up slowly 🙂 Keep myself busy. Today will be blogging about a simple day in Melbourne. Just around Melbourne CBD, […]

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