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7-Eleven in Taiwan is AWESOME!

7-eleven in Phuket got this very famous rice burger which costs only 16 baht which is dirt cheap for such yummylicious burger!!! *slurps* Sorry couldnt find the pic. huhuhu! However… 7-Eleven in Taiwan is AWESOME!!!! Ahhhh!! one of the significant thing i missed a lot when i came back is…… their 7 Eleven!!! *die of […]

Village Fast Food – Food Tasting

Ahlost!! u r not the last one to post… i m! hahahahaha!!! LAST YEAR…. we had a blogger gathering and food tasting event organized by the Village Fast Food, Green Bento and Eat Ok. Thanks to Caroline Wee, the tauke nio of Green Bento.. Uncle Francis and our annabella wong for the everything!!! hehe! Pictures […]

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