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Pasta Zanmai, 1U, KL

Sushi Zanmai, Pasta Zanmai.. Obviously.. its somehow related right? SO after Sushi Zanmai, we went to 1U for Pasta Zanmai.. Walk slowly as u might just missed the restaurant!! its not very visible somehow. *nyek* Pasta Zanmai.. they have whole range of pasta… i jus love looking at the menu.. teehehe! The presentation is good […]

Italiannies @ The Gardens, KL

Italiannies is having this promo of RM 27.90 for two course meal!! Casablanca & Watermelon Juice! Baguette for starters.. OMG! i love Baguette with olive oil! Appetizer we had Pizza. HMMM! So-so Spaghetti with Mussel… mussels are great…!! but spaghetti.. hmm.. normal jek~ My risotto..!! *disappointed* i think i can never had another risotto equally […]

Bella Italia, Kuching

I went to Bella Italia for Dinner last few weeks.. Well.. Its the BEST italian food in Kuching.. for me.. Hmm.. there may have other nice one for so far for now, this is the BEST one i had. ANd.. they served Risotto!! i m definately going back for more..! Oh… did i mentioned Bella […]

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