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Something Special : 曼波鱼 Mola Mola

Hualien is very popular of Mola Mola fish. This is also the first time i got to know what is Mola Mola fish.. or some, they call it Ocean Sunfish. 曼波鱼,早称为翻车鱼。因为翻车鱼这名称对渔夫来说很不吉利。所以他们改称它为曼波鱼。也可能是它体型的关系。。曼波鱼游泳的时候是翻来翻去的。。很像在跳曼波舞。所以取名为曼波鱼。 Humongous right? It attracts me when I first get to know this fish, its like.. that is really huge!! 很大对吧。当我知道它的体型是也吓了一跳!那么大只!! Hualien they have this […]