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Spring Beef Noodles

Remember for the past few days i keep on moaning at Plurk about Spring Gu Bak Mee?? Coz i owes heard ppl say its very nice and i never try before!! HoHoHo!! Well.. the stall had been operating for almost 30 years oledi.. and papa mama used to went there makan makan last time..! Jus […]

Go Fun Kee Bak Kut Teh

Went to Go Fun Kee for dinner… Not too satisfied coz my favourite “SOFT BONES” are outta stock!! ish ish!!! SOBX!! i had 3 layered pork, pork tummy?, and meat balls.. huhuhuh! Kesian.. Had liong cha coz i m kinda yit hei these few days…. two ulcers are living inside my mouth neh! huhuhu T.T […]

Glory Cafe, Sarikei

I havent been online for 3 days only.. and guess what?! HUHUHU! i haven had the time to filter all yet… but just in case you didnt see me accepting you, means i duno you. My account is only for Friends or anyone that i know. Thanks! ^^ Oh.. i do sent out messages if […]

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