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Overnight Oats Recipe

Follow the Trend!!! The outbreak of overnight oats is all over everywhere now. I remember i first saw it at Anna’s eat clean blog post. Interesting.. wonder how does it look like… so sooner and later i decided to give it a try.   Recipes with pics : 1. Prepare a jar/container, milk, greek yogurt and […]

Recipe : Tuscan Soup

Tuscan Soup also known as Ribollita, is a type of soup i dont even know where isit from. Tuscan i supposed? Hehehe. I came across this recipe from and it sounds easy and fast so i decided to just give it a try.    Recipe with photos : 1.) What you need : Chorizo, […]

Recipe : Cola Chicken Wings

Very very easy recipe for beginners. I’ve included some pictures during the process as well.    Easy steps with some pictures : 1.) All you need is chicken wings and cola. And some ingredients stated above for the marination 2.) Pan fried the chicken wings with the skin facing upwards until golden brown 3.) Flip […]

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