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Yien’s Recipe : Beer Steak

I say i’ll make it and i did! =D Beer Steak! its specially for u hor.. Oh.. mayb i shud make Sarsi Steak next time! weee.. =) So here’s what you need for Beer Steak.  Heineken Beer, Steak of coz.. i use beef, Onion and Garlic, Potatoes (for mashed potatoes) Well.. the cooking show says […]

Yien’s Recipe : Spaghetti!

Randomness.. i woke up at 1pm sth.. Oh.. another Sunday.. Suppose to go shopping by lao mao kinda busy with her assignment so everything canceled.. No food at home.. No plan going out.. so i decided to make myself a long long time no-cook spaghetti. =) Make use of everything i have at home lor.  […]

Yien’s Recipe : Sio Bi

Oh.. i think theres some problems in my  laptop.. or line.. not sure.. but haih… i just cant reply in the chatter box.. *sobx* Anyway.. because of that… i have spent hours fixing and figuring out the problems until i did not really update my blog.. but since the problems are not yet fixed and […]

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