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Where to buy Mooncakes in Kuching?

Mooncakes…. More mooncakes! Mooncake Festival is just a month away. If you would like to buy mooncakes for your friends and family or even for your own consumption.. Why not try out something different? Pullman Kuching is now having 2 series of assorted mooncakes.  The traditional baked classic skin mooncake…. Or the Signature snow skin […]

Melbourne : DonDon Japanese, Ayiguli, Mekong Restaurant, Max Brenner, Melbourne Central

Do expect a lot of post during weekends because.. weekend is staying at home with ahzui. 🙁 Staying home = plenty time to spare = blog  Dig out my old photos and start post things up slowly 🙂 Keep myself busy. Today will be blogging about a simple day in Melbourne. Just around Melbourne CBD, […]

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