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Fish ball @ Carpenter Street

Well.. i believed that most of you have heard about the famous fish ball soup at Carpenter street.. Well.. its actually my first time trial of the fishball soup after 21 years old living in kuching. haha!! I remember theres a lot of time Jolynn and Gab try to bring me there but it was […]

Coo..coo.. coocooron..

One fine day today.. I m not sure why but i wake up super earrly today.. is like 6.41am?! yes! so early right? dunno why but just wake up automatically lor.. haha.. I manage to have my breakfast again.. and watch my entertainment show until 10am sth.. til then.. i remember i need to go […]

Diet Plan?

Omg!! i cant believed i actually wrote 3 postings within these 4 hours.. hahaha! As most of you know, i have been writing in my msn pm message saying that i m “planning” to go for a diet last last week right after my exams.. BUT.. ahahaha!!! well.. i will start SOON.. ^^ Btw, because […]

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